Apollo Robbins Biography, Age, Pickpocket, Dvd, Magic, Career

Apollo Robbins born “Apollo Robbins Ted” is an American sleight-of-hand artist, security consultant, self-described gentleman thief and as well a deception specialist.he is well known as “an artful manipulator of awareness.” as Forbes has describes him.

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Apollo Robbins Biography

Apollo Robbins born “Apollo Robbins Ted” is an American sleight-of-hand artist, security consultant, self-described gentleman thief and as well a deception specialist.he is well known as “an artful manipulator of awareness.” as Forbes has describes him.

Apollo Robbins Age

He was born on 23rd of May 1974, Plainview, Texas, U.S. He is 44 years old as of 2018.

Apollo Robbins Familly

He was born to his parents and raised in Plainview, Texas with two older brothers. there is no much information about his family being updated as of now.

Apollo Robbins Wife

He is married to Do Le Anhdao.

Apollo Robbins Children

There is no much information given about the pair having children as of now.

Apollo Robbin Education

There is no information about his education background being updated as of now.

Apollo Robbins Photograph

Apollo Robbins Career

He has appeared several times on television. Apollo was a guest on The View on January 22, 2008. He hosted the TruTV’s reality show, Real Hustle Season 1, Episode 1, “The District and Conquer Con”) the same day.

Additionally, he has served as technical advisor on TNT’s series Leverage, a heist film TV show starring Timothy Hutton and Christian Kane, in 2009 appearing in the 2nd Season’s seventh episode, “The Two Live Crew Job”. He as well also appeared on Nova ScienceNow to illustrate some features of “how the brain works” in the 2011 episode, alongside fellow magician Penn Jillette, roboticist Rodney Brooks, neuroscientist David Eagleman, and others.

In 2011 he appeared on the Australian television comedy series Lawrence Leung’s Unbelievable, on an episode entitled “Magic,” in which he performed with magicians Lance Burton and Tim Ellis, neuroscientists Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde, and others. He was one of those featured speakers in a documentary about the brain entitled Das Automatische Gehirn

In 2013 the National Geographic’s documentary show Brain Games kept him fairly busy, inviting him to appear on several episodes which had such titles as “Illusion Confusion,” “Power of Persuasion,” and “Focus Pocus.” He was as well given the title of consulting producer for two of these episodes.


He was featured at TEDGlobal 2013 in June that year, and its YouTube video ) went viral, with almost 15 million views posted in September 2013. Appolo guest starred in the episode “Halloween II” on the FOX show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He as well served as a technical advisor on Warner Bros’s 2015 movie Focus, he also extensively featured in Blu-ray and DVD bonus features.

Apollo Robbins Net Worth

Apollo has an estimated net worth of $3 million. He has accumulated his wealth thanks to his active participation as an actor.

Apollo Robbins Brain Games – Apollo Robbins Pickpocket

Apollo Robbins Focus

When Will Smith and Margot Robbie look credible picking pockets in Warner Brothers’ Focus, opening Friday, it’s due to detailed coaching behind the scenes from a man sometimes known as “The Gentleman Thief.” Apollo Robbins, a performer who once picked the pockets of President Jimmy Carter’s secret service escort, gets top billing as a consultant on the new film because writers/directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love; I Love You Phillip Morris) brought him in at script level in 2011.

Ficarra and Requa wanted a different angle on the world of con men for a movie structured around a love story between senior thief Nicky (Smith) and novice thief Jess (Robbie). Robbins brought to the film his familiarity with “whiz mobs” or “wire mobs,” an organized group of underground criminals that he explained “consist mostly of different types of diversion thefts” including pickpockets and shoplifters.

“Some people call it tricks; some people call it sleight of hand,” Robbins told The Credits. “In all honesty, it is sleight of hand, but the problem with the term is people misinterpret that as being magic. Really, that’s more what you’d see in [2013’s] Now You See Me. There is sleight of hand in the con world and Focus does use some of that, but these techniques range beyond that. … Most people think of what I do as pickpocketing but it’s really the con; it’s any type of applied deception, from card playing to hacking.”

In 2013, when Robbins spoke at TED Global (and The Credits got a chance to interview him in Scotland, as well as have their pockets picked by way of hands-on lesson), he was also in the midst of discussing neuroscience perception tests and the possibility of subconsciously “priming” someone’s decision process with Ficarra and Requa. Some of those concepts ultimately appear in the film, particularly in a high-stakes sequence set at the Super Bowl. But Robbins also taught the stars of Focus to pick a pocket — or, as an actual pickpocket would call it, to lift. The Credits caught up with the master of “sleight of hand” to hear about how one of the world’s biggest stars (Smith) and another rising one (Robbie, Wolf of Wall Street) took to it.

“Will was very focused on the psychology,” Robbins said. Robbins and Smith talked through the nuances of “grift sense,” or the ability to see through someone else’s eyes, and the difference between emotional empathy and cognitive empathy. “He really wanted to understand how a con man is able to live with themselves and how they’re able to process things, what they need as a person. It’s an interesting dance when you think about, how does a predator rationalize their victimization of another person? That’s quite different from Will’s natural inclination to be a caregiver, nurturer, true comedy person,” Robbins said. “I taught him some of the physical dexterity but most of his emphasis was character and study of that work and becoming very familiar with that world.”

Robbie, on the other hand, proves her worth as a scam artist to the on-screen team during an extended sequence involving nine lifts in a row on the street. “Margot was a lot more physically involved,” Robbins said. “It was a tight relationship between the wardrobe department, the props department, myself and Margot because we had to coordinate all those things for rehearsal. … I was very fortunate that she had the mindset that she did and is a fast learner. I think we would have had to change that scene otherwise.”

“That confidence you can think of as what’s known as guilty knowledge,” Robbins said. “If you’re going to deceive someone, you now have guilty knowledge of what you know is real versus what you’re going to allow them to see as real. The space between those two is where you have guilt. In trying to teach [Smith and Robbie] how to do distractions, I had to get that smell off them.”

Years of experience as an actor don’t automatically alleviate that kind of knee-jerk “guilt,” Robbins said. He pointed to Jesse Eisenberg’s attempt to pull off a magic trick on The Late Show With David Letterman while promoting Now You See Me in 2013.

“What you see there is that guilt,” Robbins said. “That was exactly what I was trying to get rid of for Margot and Will. Even though he’s a very accomplished actor, because he has all this guilt in his head now — camera here; Letterman there — he gets this cognitive overload.”

Robbins is an expert at using that kind of cognitive overload as a distraction, something Smith’s character Nicky talks a lot about in the movie. Nicky even steals a few notes from Robbins’ TED Talk when he compares attention to a spotlight.

Thanks in part to Robbins, Focus digs into some of the psychology of applied deception. The expert “theatrical pickpocket” is also a wealth of opinions on other movies in the con man genre, and lists as his favorites 2003’s Matchstick Men and the 2000 Argentinian film Nine Queens.

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Apollo Robbins Magic

He and other entertainers use a magic trick or constant shifting of the assistant’s attention as they pat the person’s clothing, turning them around. Generally, they either create something interesting happening if it is a routine within a magic act. If it is entirely a pickpocket act the spectator is on the defensive, is a little nervous as trying to watch everything, so the performer bounces the spectator’s attention around like a racquetball causing the moves to get lost in the action.

Apollo Robbins Dvd

Once again Shoot and Apollo are stretching the borders of cutting-edge sleight of hand. Bob Kohler Magic is proud to release 15 totally new and exciting routines from the working repertoire of two of the busiest professional magicians in the world.

When they’re not working or sleeping, these super creative magicians are busy inventing and polishing magic for their performances. You are the beneficiary because Shoot and Apollo are releasing these secrets from the vault of their working material. Cultural Xchange set new standards for performance material that was so visual no language is needed for the audience to “get” the effect. Of course, great patter will enhance any routine, but these routines fill a void in most magicians arsenals by providing professional grade material for when it’s so loud no one can hear a word you say.

Cultural Xchange 2 takes you deeper into the world of drop-dead visuals. The routines vary from “quickies” to full-blown performance pieces. Skill levels are from very easy to real knuckle busters. All of the routines share one attribute…they will knock your socks off!

Live performances followed by detailed instruction will soon have you up to speed. Objects used are cards, coins, pens, dice, keys, and even a poker chip. Incredible new techniques, choreography, and audience management using body motion are just a few of the in-depth lessons Shoot and Apollo have designed inside of the routines.

Ted Talks Apollo Robbins The Art Of Misdirection

Robbins, whom The New Yorker called a “theatrical pickpocket” in their profile of him, is a magician who deals in tricks of the attention, and not tricks with rabbits or disappearing boxes. He says, “When we think of misdirection, we forget that the things you see every day are the things we are most blinded to.”
He asks the audience: is your cell phone still on you? “Double-check,” he says. “I’ve been doing some shopping today.” So. You have your phone. Without looking at it: What’s the icon on the bottom right of the screen? (Try this at home!) People open their phones and look, laughing ruefully at forgetting this simple detail about something they use every day. “Okay,” he says.

“Now shut off your phones again and close your eyes. Do you remember what I’m wearing?” (We don’t.) Finally, Robbins stumps us with another simple question: “Now, what time is it? You just had your phone out, you just looked.” It’s a matter of paying attention, and most of us don’t do it well. “Attention is what steers your experience. I exploit this,” says Robbins. “I play with your attention as a limited resource.”

He gets down from the stage and started shaking hands with audience members on the aisles. “You’re like a buffet,” he says. “It’s hard to decide what to take.” As he walks back onstage with a TEDster, launches into one of his classic routines get a taste in this video a poker chip disappearing and reappearing on the man’s shoulder, as his pockets are emptied, and his watch seamlessly ends up around Robbins’ wrist. With the audience member back safely in his seat, Robbins once again addresses the auditorium. “I ask you again: what am I wearing?” A jaw-dropping moment ensues. “See, attention is a powerful thing.”

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