Blueface Biography, Age, Career, Songs, and Latest News Nipsey Hussle Death

Jonathan Porter, also known as Blueface (or Blueface Bleedem) is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California. He’s currently signed to Cash Money West.

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Blueface Biography

Jonathan Porter, famously known as Blueface (or Blueface Bleedem) is an American rapper from Los Angeles, California. He became a viral internet meme after releasing ‘Respect My Crypn’ in October 2018. His off-beat and high pitched style of rapping was the main reason for this. He signed to Cash Money West, Birdman’s Cash Money Records branch at West Coast.

Blueface Age

Porter was born on January 20, 1997, in Mid City, Los Angeles. He is 22 years old as of 2019.

Blueface Family

Jonathan Porter has both parents and an older brother. No other information is disclosed about his family.

Blueface Relationship

Porter has kept his relationship life very private.

Blueface Children

No information about Porter’s children is disclosed.

Blueface Education

Blueface attended various elementary schools while growing up. He settled down in San Fernando Valley and began to attend Arleta High School. He became the starting quarterback in 2014 and led his team to an East Valley League championship in 2014. He graduated from Tahquitz High School and joined Fayetteville State University in North Carolina. He, however, stopped attending due to coaching issues.

Blueface Photo

Blueface Photo

Blueface Career

Porter took an interest in rap music at a young age. He began rapping in 2018 and took the stage name Blueface Bleedem. He moved back to Los Angeles after he stopped playing football. He began to work with Laudiano (his friend and later producer) to release ‘Dead Locs,’ his first song to SoundCloud. He then released his full-length project in June 2018 titled ‘Famous Cryp.’ He then released ‘Two Coccy,’ his second Extended Play (EP) to SoundCloud after the first one helped him build a local following in California.

Through WorldstarHipHop’s YouTube channel, he released a video for his song titled ‘Respect My Crypn.’ The song was thereafter posted to Twitter where it became a viral meme due to Bluface’s off-beat flow and high-pitched rapping. Users compared his voice to that of Courage The Cowardly Dog, the cartoon character. The video’s popularity made his music receive more attention. He further boosted his popularity when he did a contest on his Instagram page that week regarding which high school he should come and visit. The social media stunt racked in new followers and attention to the rapper. He was signed to Cash Money West, the West Coast affiliate of Cash Money Records.

He again went viral following an acoustic video with Einer Bankz previewing his new song “Bleed It” in December 2018. The song was released two days later, including a video on the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube channel directed by Cole Bennett, that garnered over 2 million views in just 24 hours. On January 26, 2019, his latest song, ‘Thotiana,’ premiered on the Billboard Hot 100 and was ranked at position 75. It was his first track to chart on a Billboard chart. The song was later released as a single on the same day and a remix with YG was released with a music video.

Blueface Albums

Blueface has two albums; Two Coccy (2017) and famous Cryp (2018)

Blueface Songs

Thotiana (Remix)
Thotiana (Cardi B Remix)
Bleed It (DREAMmix)
“We Should Fuck”
Stick Up (Remix)
Sway In The Morning Freestyle
Thotiana (YG Remix)
You (Remix)
On My Own (Snippet)
Blue Strip*
West Coast*
Stop Cappin
Bust it
Major Pain
Bleed It
REAL 92.3 Freestyle
Blueface assistant
Hit My Step (Remix)
No Witness
Wutchu Need?
Blow Her Bacc
Cuz I’m Poppin
2 Coccs

Blueface Net Worth

Porter is worth $7oo,000 ( seven hundred thousand dollars)

Blueface In Jail

Blueface Is Reportedly Facing 3 Years In Prison For A Felony Weapons Charge

Blueface has reportedly been arrested and can potentially be facing three years behind bars… Californian rising rapper Blueface, 22, was caught with an unregistered, fully-loaded firearm on his person at the beginning of this month, leading to his arrest. After the recent success of his song ‘Thotiana’ being one of the biggest songs out at the moment, this is the last thing the rapper could have wanted to happen.

The Blast has reported the Cali rapper has officially been charged in relation to his arrest on (Feb 1st). He is allegedly facing a maximum sentence of three years behind bars. A report from The Blast reveals that Blueface was arrested after he and a large group of men were hanging out when they were approached by the LAPD.

The rapper’s friend allegedly tried to get rid of their weapons, but Blueface got caught out. The Los Angeles County D.A.’s office publication notes reveal Blueface was in possession of an unregistered handgun. The felony charge carries a maximum sentence of three years in prison.

Back in November 2018, Blueface was arrested as he was allegedly in connection with a highway shooting. Blueface happened to get apprehended at a gas station in both arrests. DJ Akademiks reposted a video of the 2018 arrest on his Instagram. Twitter has also revealed footage and photos of his arrest, where Blueface seemed unbothered by the matter.

In the video, the police officer is shown pushing Blueface forward in a straight line, and tells him, “You are under arrest,”. Blueface responded “Yeah Aight”. He was reportedly released after posting $35,000 bail. Some fans are questioning whether Blueface’s response while getting arrested, is him being nonchalant about the situation – or whether he doesn’t want to irritate the police to prevent other unfortunate events from happening.

Blueface Talks ‘Famous Cryp’, ‘Thotiana’, ‘Next Big Thing’ His Quick Rise To Fame-YouTube

Blueface Twitter

Blueface Instagram

Blueface News


Blueface makes punchline-packed music that’s simultaneously bubbly and morose. There’s a gritty feel to its composition, frequently involving the hyperactive, sensational melodies that make California hip-hop the stuff to vibe to in the club. The 21-year-old Los Angeles rapper and Cash Money West signee have quickly carved out his own space in the field with an offbeat flow that sounds like he’s chasing a train that he just keeps missing. Because of it, he became the viral star to close out the end of 2018, and one to watch the rise in the new year. And alongside him is Laudiano — the producer behind the beats for “Respect My Crypn” and “Studio,” two of Blueface’s most important songs — whose proximity gives him insight into the rapper’s rapid rise.

Also based out of L.A., Laudiano has been making beats for two years and has worked with the likes of Drakeo the Ruler, Stunna Girl, and Shoreline Mafia. His connection with Blueface came organically. “I contacted him after I saw his video for ‘Deadlocs,’” Laudiano told MTV News. “I sent him some beats and he emailed me back saying he fucked with them. He shot a video of himself in his car rapping to them and we went from there.”

Laudiano entered into Blueface’s world, where unorthodox flows and energetic rhymes are the norms. Blueface is, as West Coast legend Ice Cube noted, “an acquired taste.” For every fan that he attracted early on, he pissed off two more who felt that he was making a mockery of rap. But Laudiano has created the perfect atmosphere for this off-kilter style.

When you look at the results, it’s no wonder the pair have established their camaraderie. Blueface released two mixtapes in 2018, Famous Cryp in June, and Two Coccy in September. “Respect My Crypn” appeared on Famous Cryp and outshined the other standouts “Next Big Thing” and “Thotiana” — two tracks that became popular because of meme-able video moments. Laudiano’s beat — an excessively vibrant, fluid thing with a sticky bass drum — plays a large part in the song’s continued success, blending well with Blueface’s signature style, which Laudiano defines as “smooth player and kind of aggressive.”

“When he hops on my beats, I feel like we got our own drip like we are LeBron James and Dwyane Wade,” he says.

Even Laudiano admits that, if you blink, you’ll miss Blueface’s rise. “The craziest thing has just been how fast everything has happened,” Laudiano says. “Getting a record on the radio was my goal. Power 106 and L.A. Leakers spun ‘Respect My Crypn’ early and it blew my mind.” Since then, everyone wants to capture Blueface’s lightning in a bottle. He exchanged direct messages with Drake on Instagram, with the latter seeming to angle for a collab. In December, Blueface also revealed that he’s been in the studio with Quavo. And then, there are the memes — the mop, the pants, Blueface’s signature fingertip-lick, eyebrow split shtick — the true measures of viral power and reach. Laudiano’s favorite is the one of Blueface’s Crip walk being dubbed over random songs.

Their latest collaboration is the sensual track “Studio.” When Blueface first dropped the snippet in November, it was an indication of a bold new direction. Laudiano’s latest beat challenged Blueface, finding an iciness that didn’t exist in “Respect My Crypn.” The collaboration came about via an Instagram message from Dnyce of League of Starz, a production duo credited for work with Chris Brown, T.I., and 2 Chainz.

“[Dnyce] hit me on Instagram and said we should work,” Laudiano says. “The next day, I made the beat and sent it over to Dnyce to finish it. Shortly after Blueface released the video for ‘Respect My Crypn’ and I wanted to keep the train rolling so I sent him a pack with that beat in it.” Blueface let the success of his hit simmer before surprising the world with the snippet of the new song. “A month later, I saw that video of him singing to the beat, with my beat tag playing in the background,” Laudiano says. “He hit me saying that it was going to be a hit and I agreed.” After being posted on December 14, the official video for the song now has over 4 million views on YouTube and 1.9 million more on WorldStarHipHop.

Blueface’s ascent looks to continue well into 2019. It’s much too early to talk about his inevitable studio debut, and Laudiano is quiet about it as well, but ready: “I’ve got to be a part of it because ‘Respect My Crypn’ became his biggest song, with ‘Studio’ becoming his fastest-growing single thus far,” he says. It’s hard to believe that, just a couple of months ago, Blueface was another hopeful emcee, but Laudiano’s a key that unlocked potential to be explored in the new year. “We just have been going up,” the producer says. “Our songs started on SoundCloud and now, look, we’re on the radio and WorldStar.”

Blueface Latest News

Blueface Performs Thotiana In His First Ever TV Performance! | Social Awards 2019-YouTube

Blueface Gets Checked By A Crip After Rapper Fails To Tribute Nipsey Hussle

Published: April 8, 2019

Blueface is under fire for choosing not to post a Nipsey Hussle tribute.

It’s been one week since we learned of Nipsey Hussle’s untimely death. The rapper has been hailed as one of the most influential rappers in his community, continually giving back and ensuring that his neighborhood is as advanced as it can be. He grew up around Crenshaw and Slauson and, as we now know, that corner also ended up being the area where he took his final breath. The majority of the hip-hop community have sent their condolences to Nipsey’s family and friends on social media and although some people have taken a little longer to formulate their thoughts, like YG, others have chosen not to speak out at all. Blueface finds himself in the latter category and considering his West Coast upbringing and his ties with the Crips, some people are not happy about his decision not to tribute Nipsey.

Blueface is one of the quickest rising young rappers on the entire planet. His song “Thotiana” is a certified bop, guaranteed to elicit a reaction every time it gets played at the club. As reported by RapCurrent, one member of the Crips isn’t pleased with Blueface after the artist failed to post a single tribute to Nipsey Hussle on his social pages.

“Blueface the only motherfucker on the west who don’t get a post about Nipsey on his page,” said the man. “What type of n***a is you? You don’t like neighborhoods or something bro?” He goes on to state his confusion as to how somebody like Blueface, who identifies as a West Coast Crip, failed to write anything about Hussle’s passing.

“You from the west and you don’t even get Neighborhood Nip on your shit, and you represent this Crip shit though? That shit weirder than a motherfucker,” he said. Do you think Blueface is in the wrong for choosing not to say anything about Nipsey Hussle’s death?

See the full video on Instagram below:

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