Brandon Beemer Biography, Age, Wife, Gay, Parents, Days Of Our Lives, Movies and Interview

Brandon Beemer born Brandon Richard Beemer is an American actor and model, best known for his role in the soap operas as Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives

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Brandon Beemer Biography

Brandon Beemer born Brandon Richard Beemer is an American actor and model, best known for his role in the soap operas as Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives and Owen Knight on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Brandon Beemer Age

Brandon was born on 27 February 1980 in Eugene, Oregon, United States. She is 38 years old as of 2018.

Brandon Beemer Parents

He is the son of German and Irish parents.

Brandon Beemer Family

His family members are  not known.

Brandon Beemer Wife | Brandon Beemer Married |
Brandon Beemer Girlfriend | Who Is Brandon Beemer Dating

He is not married. He was in a relationship with actress Nadia Bjorlin for seven years until 2013 when they separated, the two did not engage. Since then, he has not been seen by any lady or posted the pictures of his girlfriend, he is single.

Brandon Beemer Gay

He is not a gay, he is  heterosexual.

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Brandon Beemer Movies and Tv Shows- Career

He made his debut on the The Bold and the Beautiful on July 2, 2008 as Owen Knight from 2008 to 2012.In 2011, he was part of the cast in the docu-reality show Dirty Soap, a new reality series following the real-lives of 5 fellow soap stars that documents both their personal and professional lives. He starred as psychologist Luke Parker on February 9, 2012, in the first official screening of the short horror film, BloodMoon, directed by Farnaz Samiinia. In 2013, he starred in Lesley-Anne Down’s husband directed movie Bering Sea Beast, and appeared comedy series The Stafford Project. He appeared as Dylan in the horror-thriller film Fear Clinic.

Brandon Beemer Movies





Fear Clinic


In Extremis

Father Dumal


Wedding Planner Mystery

Holt Walker


Wrong Cops

Xavier Brown

Bering Sea Beast





Blood Moon

Dr. Luke Parker


Material Girls

Mic Rionn


Suits on the Loose



The Brotherhood

Frat Slob


Life with Dog


Brandon Beemer TV Shows





The Bay

Evan Blackwell
Young John (flashback)


The Stafford Project



CSI: Miami

Derek Vaughn


The Bold and the Beautiful

Owen Knight

2006–2008, 2016–2017

Days of Our Lives

Shawn-Douglas Brady


General Hospital



CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

Ross Jenson




Brandon Beemer Days Of Our Lives

He made his debut as Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives on September 29, 2006 replacing Jason Cook, who had played the role since October 1999. He was fired with his co-star Martha Madison from the show on January 21, 2008. His return to Days of Our Lives was announced on June 1, 2018.

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Brandon Beemer Interview at LANY Entertainment Mixer

Brandon Beemer Interview

The Brandon Beemer Interview – The Bold And The Beautiful


Tv soap: I was speaking with your girlfriend, nada bjorlin (chloe, “days”) recently. She was saying she currently liked the character you play on “b&b”, owen knight, as opposed to your last role, shawn brady,

On “days”.  Nadia commented that on “days” your character became watered down, but at “b&b” you get to be sexy, mysterious and have more colors.

Brandon: I think owen knight is a lot of fun, and shawn was fun, too. I never got to play a character like owen before, but at the end of the day they are different characters. Shawn was fun when i started, but with owen, it’s so much fun because there is no telling. He is such a blank slate, and there is no history on him as to how he was brought up. So, i can make it up off the top of my head and create things the way i would like to create them. You can’t say now, “owen would never say that.” Whereas, before it would be, “shawn would never do that!” Shawn would never hook up with a prostitute. That’s so out of character, and now i am not being compared to anyone.

Tv soaps: Owen and donna, played by jennifer gareis, have shared a kiss! How does your character truly feel about her?

Brandon: I think owen is interested in her and cares deeply for her, and he wants more at the end of the day. He is very driven and he wants what he wants, and he won’t take no for an answer. So therefore, that is what he is acting on; the feeling that she has for him. Donna does not want to be with him, totally. But, owen thinks he still has a chance.

Tv soap: How is working with jennifer?

Brandon: She is great and a lot of fun! She has different sides to her. I get to experience these different sides of her every week. She is a lot of fun, and we work well together. She works hard, and is always open to suggestions, and she makes me laugh.

Tv soaps: Do the writers and producers lay out for you, what’s going to happen to owen in the future? I think some soap fans are under the impression the actors know what’s going to happen to their characters.

Brandon: I think that certain actors find out because they like to know. They don’t mind going upstairs to brad bell (executive producer and head writer, “b&b”) and finding out the information. I am happy to have a job, and i understand in this industry its ebb and flow, and comes in waves. You work all the time and then sometimes you don’t. Maybe i should just accept it and go upstairs and ask, and have something to look forward to!

Tv soap: You have had some heavy-duty moments with “b&b” stalwart susan flannery, (stephanie) in the jail scenes. How was working with susan?

Brandon: Working with susan is interesting, because i had heard stories. I did not know what to expect and had no idea. The first day we are working, i was told, “susan wants to run lines with you.” She was standing there waiting for me. She is so accommodating and gave me great suggestions, because she knows what she’s doing… and she does it so well that her suggestions just fit well.

Susanbrandon.jpgtv soap: Does she tell you how to play a scene?

Brandon: She doesn’t say, “do this!” She just suggests it. She won’t change something of hers’ without discussing it with you and seeing how you feel. I was happy with the material we did together.

Tv soap: How have you played owen’s back-story? What motivates this guy?

Brandon: I just look at what motivates every human being. You look at something and go after it and get it. He’s not related to anyone, but there are a lot of things he likes.

I look at it as a man who sees no boundaries, who is smart and can figure out a way to get what he wants. I don’t necessarily think he would do anything to hurt anyone. At the end of the day, he is living his life like everyone else, and wants to do what he wants to do.

Tv soap: How did marcus and owen meet up?

Brandon: They did not even know each other, really. My story is that marcus lived in texas and owen lived in san diego, and marcus found owen through the internet. Marcus was looking up people who were good at finding people. Marcus had run up against dead ends looking for his mother. With owen, he likes the challenge and knows he could do it, so he did it and found her. I think marcus looked up owen on a website for people who work at locating people.

Tv soap: What is owen supposed to do, career wise?

Brandon: I think he is a jack-of –all-trades. He is a paralegal.

Tv soap: …..and a paramedic? (laughs)

Brandon: …. And a cook (he laughs)…. I think owen is just curious about life. He is educated and wants to be a lawyer. He is a paralegal, and he was in training to become a lawyer. That’s what i made up as his background!


Tv soap: Things looked pretty bad for owen, as all the evidence mounted up that he was the bad boy that poisoned eric forrester. Did you have to play guilty, even though you were not?

Brandon: I didn’t have to play it. I was purposely left trying to be vague in certain areas about how owen felt about things, and the way he came into the show trying to make the $200,000 dollars by trying to break up eric and donna’s marriage. That put him in the bad guy category right away. Eric was like, “it’s the new guy, and he is the bad guy!”

Tv soap: Are there some actresses on the show you think would be fun to work with, or for owen to be paired with?

Brandon: There are a couple people. I have not worked much with lesli kay (felicia) or ashley jones (bridget). Owen can go any route. It’s not that hard to pick here. There are a lot of beautiful women here. Lesli and ashley would be good candidates for owen.

Tv soap: Have there been any memorable scenes for you with the male side of the cast that you have enjoyed?

  I liked the scenes with ridge in the jail. Working with ronn moss (ridge) is great! I would like to work with john mccook (eric) more than just having him at me while he is lying in a hospital bed.

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