Jessica Capshaw Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Kids, Lesbian, Movies and Interview

Jessica Capshaw born Jessica Brooke Capshaw Gavigan is an American actress best known for her role as Jamie Stringer in The Practice and Dr. Arizona Robbins on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

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Jessica Capshaw Biography

Jessica Capshaw born Jessica Brooke Capshaw Gavigan is an American actress best known for her role as Jamie Stringer in The Practice and Dr. Arizona Robbins on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy.

Jessica Capshaw Age

She was born on 9 August 1976 in Columbia, Missouri, United States. She is 42 years old as of 2018.

Jessica Capshaw Family

She was born to actress and producer Kate Capshaw, and Robert Capshaw, a sales manager, marketing director, business executive, and high school principal. She is the stepdaughter of director Steven Spielberg.

Jessica Capshaw Husband

She is married to Christopher Gavigan. The couple married on May 22, 2004, at her family’s East Hampton estate.

Jessica Capshaw Sex | Is Jessica Capshaw Gay | Lesbian

She is not a gay/lesbian, she is heterosexual. She has stated that, her role as a lesbian has help her a lot, and it has been a huge positive in her life.

Jessica Capshaw Siblings | Jessica Capshaw Kids

They have a son and three daughters: Luke Hudson born in 2007, Eve Augusta born in 2010, Poppy James born in 2012 and Josephine Kate born in 2016.

Jessica Capshaw Pregnant, Hot, Bikini and legs

Jessica Capshaw Education

She studied and graduated from Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles in 1994. She then joined and graduated at Brown University with a B.A. in English in 1998. She attended classes at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) in London.

Jessica Capshaw Movies





The Hero of Color City



Blind Trust

Cassie Stewart


The Groomsmen



View from the Top

Royalty International Flight Attendant


The Mesmerist

Daisy Valdemar

Minority Report




Dorothy Wheeler


Killing Cinderella


Big Time



The Love Letter






The Locusts


Jessica Capshaw Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew, departed the hit ABC medical drama at the end of the fourteenth season. Capshaw was on the show for 10 seasons, nine of them as a series regular, playing Dr. Arizona Robbins while Drew was on Grey’s for nine seasons, eight of them as a series regular, playing Dr. April Kepner.

Jessica Capshaw The Practice

Dylan McDermott (“In the Line of Fire”) stars in a one-hour ensemble drama as Bobby Donnell, a passionate lawyer in a Boston law firm whose instincts tell him important cases are not always about money. Lisa Gay Hamilton also stars as Rebecca Washington, the understanding receptionist who endlessly keeps the members of the firm in check.

First episode date: 4 March 1997
Network: American Broadcasting Company
Spin-off: Boston Legal

Jessica Capshaw Tv Shows





One Angry Juror

Sarah Walsh


Grey’s Anatomy

Dr. Arizona Robbins


Head Case


The L Word

Nadia Karella


Thick and Thin



Rebecca Stinson


Into the West

Rachel Wheeler


The Practice

Jamie Stringer


The Back Page


Odd Man Out

Aunt Jordan



Sally McKenna

Jessica Capshaw Twitter

Jessica Capshaw Instagram

Grey’s Anatomy: Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew To Exit After Season | News Flash | Entertainment Weekly

Jessica Capshaw Interview

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jessica Capshaw Takes You Inside the New Season


Before Grey’s Anatomy premiered its 14th season last week, fans were promised a return to form. Krista Vernoff—a writer and producer on the show since its first season and showrunner of seasons four to seven, who left the team in 2011—is back again to serve as showrunner this year. And she’s bringing with her a throwback to the lighthearted, banter-filled tone of the series’ early days, when oddball cases and on-call room nookies balanced the show’s notoriously tearjerking drama.

For Jessica Capshaw, that means falling in love with her (already much-loved) character all over again.

When Dr. Arizona Robbins first appeared in season five—before high-drama plotlines like the plane crash that took half of Seattle’s doctors down with it—she was a free-spirited pediatric surgeon who rolled through the halls on her Heelys. She was a B-12 shot of chipper energy to a sometimes angsty ensemble, and her relationship with Dr. Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) became a cornerstone for fans, especially gay viewers itching for more LGBTQ visibility in primetime.

“I could never have anticipated how important it would be to me to [play a gay character] at a time when telling this story actually means something to people.”

Shonda Rhimes has disavowed the term “diversity,” saying instead that her mission is to “normalize” TV by populating her projects with character that reflect real life’s array of different perspectives, experiences, shapes, colors, and lifestyles. Callie and Arizona fit neatly into that mission before Ramirez left the cast at the end of season 12.

Now Capshaw—who’s every bit as effervescent as her character, talking at an excited clip and eager to pepper our conversation with exclamations of love for her cast and crew—is eager to go straight for the funny bone, especially when it comes to exploring Arizona’s single life. Here she opens up to about recapturing the spark that first made the show a sensation, what it’s like to say goodbye to old castmates (and hello again to returning ones), and what being in Shondaland for nine years has taught her.

How has the shift in Grey’s Anatomy’s tone changed things so far?
“You won’t find a person on or near the show who isn’t well aware that this year, the show is really going back to the beginning. Well, I wasn’t even there at the beginning, so pretend like it’s the beginning plus me. The show started with this spark, people gathered around it and starting really loving all of its warmth. Then it became this fire and it just kinda has kept burning. Shonda and all the writers and producers have been smart enough to stoke the fire when needed—people have left and new people have come in, and they’ve always found equilibrium—so that it can burn for a long time. So here we are, a rip-roaring fire. Everyone can roast their marshmallows around us!

And now we’re going back to that initial spark—the characters are 14 years older and there’s a different set of challenges, but it’s got the same old kind of humor. I think this season is going to be really funny. At the beginning of the show, which I remember as a viewer, every once and a while there would be a storyline that was super absurd, and you just went with it, and you always ended up at some sort of emotional crossroad. You’ll be seeing more of that.”

When the character of Arizona was introduced, she was an upbeat new doctor—but her story arc took her to dark places. What does this season mean for her?
“For the past few years, there was sort of a dark, post-plane crash Arizona, and for good reason. There were funny bits in there, and the character that people had initially responded to was definitely in there too, but maybe not as radiant as she once was. Not that I’m calling myself radiant! But I think that Arizona is sunshine. She came in bright, and there was always something about her that was really fun to play, that resonated with people. This season, I think, is a return to that Arizona.”

Last season was your first without Sara Ramirez, who was your most consistent scene partner. What was it like to suddenly be without your other half?
“In our jobs, you spend so much time with the people you’re working with that you do create a kind of family. And like a real family, you inherit each other. You’re put together, then you work and play together, then over the years there is the developing of relationships, the deepening of relationships, some departures and estrangements. Sara and I had such an incredible group of fans who championed the relationship between Callie and Arizona, and that felt so, so good. We took it really seriously. We put our best foot forward in everything we did, in terms of representing a couple, of representing a relationship that we could really be proud of. It was really, really wonderful.

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