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JoJo Gomez was born on July 9, 1993, in Fairview, New Jersey. Joanna Marie is her real name but she is widely known as JoJo” Gomez. Joanna Marie “JoJo” …

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Jojo Gomez Biography | Jojo Gomez America’s Got talent

Jojo Gomez is a professional dancer/choreographer living in Los Angeles. Born in Fairview, NJ, she grew up in South Hadley, MA, and moved to LA at the age of 17 to pursue her career in the dance industry.

Jojo’s performance credits include dancing with: Justin Bieber, Becky-G, Cher Lloyd, J Balvin, Kimberly Cole, Glee, East Los High Season 2, X-Factor, Voice, America’s Got Talent, MTV’s VMAs, Radio Disney Music Awards, LMFAO, FLAMA Univision, and Mindless Behavior.

Recent choreography credits include an industrial for Sketchers, Kimberly Cole’s Korean Tour, and LA STYLE Fashion Week.

Jojo teaches regularly in Los Angeles at (MDC) Millenium Dance Complex and EDGE Performing Arts Center. She has also taught Master Classes at various Millenium locations including MDC Orange Country, MDC Dallas, MDC Salt Lake City, and MDC Denver where she is also one of the official Studio Mentors.

Jojo has taught master classes for The PULSE on Tour, Abby Lee Dance Company LA, Bobby’s Beat Camp, West Coast Elite Dance, and WHES International Dance Convention.

Jojo strongly believes in her students, challenges them, pushes them, and ultimately educates them through positivity and light.

She prides herself in teaching her students discipline, respect, and a hard work ethic through the art of dance. Her style of movement focuses on power, strength, musicality, performance, and channeling your inner superstar!

Jojo Gomez Age | Jojo Gomez Birthday

Jojo Gomez was born on July 9. 1993, in the United States. living in Los Angeles. Born in Fairview, NJ, she grew up in South Hadley, MA, and moved to LA at the age of 17 to pursue her career in the dance industry.

Jojo Gomez is 26 years old as of 2019. Gomez belongs to Latin ethnicity. She is a professional dancer and choreographer living in Los Angeles.

Jojo was born in Fairview, NJ,  and grew up in South Hadley, MA, and later moved to LA at the age of 17 to pursue her career in the dance industry.

Jojo Gomez Body measurement

she stands at a height of 5feet 5inches tall. She has Black hair and Dark Brown eyes, as a dancer, she has a very well-maintained and athletic body figure. Her curvy body figure has done justice to her dance moves even more.

Jojo Gomez Boyfriend | Jojo Gomez Daughter

Her boyfriend’s name is Donovan, both are dancers which shows that they have passion and goals that are similar, and this factor might be one of those factors that make their relationship to be more playful as well as understanding. They have been together for three years.

Their relationship is still going well and there are no signs of complications and problems. there is no information about her daughter but it will be updated soon.

Jojo Gomez Net worth

She is a professional dancer/choreographer living in Los Angeles. Born in Fairview, NJ, she grew up in South Hadley, MA, and moved to LA at the age of 17 to pursue her career in the dance industry.

Jojo Gomez has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars as of 2019. The dancer gets her net worth from the following sources:

Sponsorship: she has more than 1.1 million followers on her Instagram account, advertisers pay a certain amount for the post they make.

The average engagement rate of followers on each of her post is 3.35%. Thus, the average estimate of the amount she charges for sponsorship is between ($2,234.25 $3,723.75).

YouTube: The dance tutorial videos that she uploads on her YouTube channel are well-viewed. According to, she generates estimated yearly earnings of $41.2K – $658.9K.

Other: She has her own dance studio as well as she works for the famous artist which brings her massive amount of cheque.

Jojo Gomez Images

Demi Lovato Besa A Jojo Gomez

The commented kiss in the mouth of Demi Lovato to one of her dancers.

Demi Lovato has put an end to 2017 of one of the best ways for any singer: with a megahit on the sales charts like Échame la culpa, the song he plays with Luis Fonsi.

In fact, and according to the Spotify reproductions, the song was the most danced in Spain on New Year’s Eve. But Demi today is news for another issue that has nothing to do with music but with the kiss in the mouth that planted her ballerina.

Demi Lovato has put an end to 2017 of one of the best ways for any singer: with a megahit on the sales charts like Échame la culpa, the song he plays with Luis Fonsi. In fact, and according to the Spotify reproductions, the song was the most danced in Spain on New Year’s Eve.

But Demi today is news for another issue that has nothing to do with music but with the kiss in the mouth that planted her ballerina.

Jojo Gomez Hip Hop Class

Done at Hackworth School of Performing Arts.

Jojo Gomez last appeared for her choreography to Alessia Cara’s “Not Today,” gifts viewers a riveting, spine-chilling performance to Billie Eilish’s mesmerizing single “you should see me in a crown.” What a better way to visualize music than through dance.

This eerie, abundant lyric filled record doused in climaxing thumping production would make any musician begrudged at its genius and inspire choreographers like Gomez.

Jojo Gomez And Demi Lovato

5 Things to Know About Demi Lovato Dancer & Choreographer Jojo Gomez

Demi Lovato shared a sweet New Year’s kiss with one of her dancers after her performance in Miami on Sunday night, catching fans’ attention. It turned out to be a great time to shine a light on the woman behind the smooch, Jojo Gomez, who is a well-known choreographer with an A-list celebrity clientele and runs a successful dance class in Los Angeles.

Gomez has worked with Justin Bieber, the Backstreet Boys, Tinashe and more, but the best thing about her is her journey as a professional dancer. Here are some things you should know about the talented choreographer:

She moved from New Jersey to California immediately after her high school graduation to pursue her dancing career.

Gomez knew early on that she wanted to be a professional dancer, so college was not the main thing on her mind as the senior year came to an end. The day after her high school graduation in 2011, she flew out to Los Angeles and started looking for an agent.

It was extremely helpful that her parents supported her every step of the way and have always taken her goals seriously. She was signed to a talent agency within a few weeks and has never looked back ever since.

In 2011, she danced in the Britney Spears tribute at the VMAs.

Gomez’s first professional audition was a huge one, but she decided to take on the “go big or go home” attitude from the very start.

After killing her audition, she landed a spot to dance at the VMAs in 2011, the year Britney Spears received a tribute and won the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. This was a monumental accomplishment, as Britney Spears has always been Gomez’s biggest inspiration.

Her YouTube channel, where she posts videos of her classes and routines, now has more than 400,000 subscribers and 50 million views.

Most of Gomez’s bookings come as a result of being found on either YouTube or Instagram, so she pridefully views her social media as her résumé. She frequently uploads videos from her class at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, where her classes sell out almost every week.

Plenty of videos of her choreography have gone viral, including her takes on “Flawless” by Beyoncé, “Me Too” by Meghan Trainor and “Work” by Rihanna. Lovato even paid a personal visit to one of her classes after hearing about Gomez’s take on “Sorry Not Sorry.”

She choreographed Tinashe’s music video for “Company.”

When Tinashe’s manager found Gomez via Instagram and contacted her, Gomez initially thought it was a prank. The choreographer says she vibed with Tinashe as a sister, and the instant connection was no surprise considering they are both dancers and are very close in age.

The two also have similar styles in terms of choreography and fashion. When the video was finally released, Gomez said it felt like a dream come true and she cried for days. Tinashe and Gomez have maintained a great friendship since then.

She started her own brand after constantly being criticized for her body.

After being told the same thing at several auditions, that she was “talented but needed to lose weight,” Gomez decided to channel that frustration into creating her own path to block out the negative noise. She stopped relying on auditions and started to create more of her own content to share.

Along the way, Gomez has been very vocal about body positivity and aims to inspire other dancers, especially young female ones, to love their bodies.

Jojo Gomez Interview

on the interview below Jojo explains about her liver failure and achievement.

When I was growing up in New Jersey, my parents took me to see Broadway shows, which I think are my biggest inspiration. Watching live performances like Chicago and A Chorus Line made me want to dance on Broadway.

By the time I was 11, I had been classically trained in all areas of dance. My parents recognized how serious I was and urged me to get more training, so they signed me up for dance competitions, which opened up a whole new world.

They’re basically dance tours that travel around the country and host conventions “and contests” led by faculty instructors who have choreographed for stars like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, and Madonna.

I attended a workshop in Atlantic City and competed with other dancers to [join the tour]. It was the best training of my life.

She was learning from the best of the best. Jojo won a scholarship to become a “protégé,” which meant she was the office assistant who gets to tour with the convention.

I missed a lot of schools because I was traveling basically every weekend, sometimes as far as L.A. and Canada. My teachers gave me homework to go to.


My parents were really supportive and said as long as I kept my grades up, it didn’t matter if I missed school. I knew I wasn’t going to go to college. I wanted to train to become a professional dancer right after high school.

The day after graduation, in 2011, my parents and I flew out to L.A. We stayed in a hotel for a few weeks, and the first thing we did was to look for an agent and an open call for a talent agency and I went in to audition. The next day, I got a call saying I was signed.

My first professional audition was for the VMAs the year of the Britney Spears tribute when she won the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. There were hundreds of dancers there. I wanted the job so bad, so I did the best that I could, hitting every mark as hard as possible and giving everything to my performance.

The last group of us had been sitting down for an hour waiting, expecting another audition. Then the choreographer came in and said, “Congratulations, you guys got it. See you in rehearsals tomorrow.”

I ran outside and started bawling my eyes out. The VMAs are a big deal, but dancing in the Britney Spears tribute is like making history. Besides Broadway, Britney is probably my biggest inspiration. Britney was unapologetically and fearlessly herself, and I admired her for it.

After the VMAs, I danced for Justin Bieber on The Voice. I danced on the X-Factor Several times. I danced on America’s Got Talent and Radio Disney. Dancers have to fight really hard to make a lot of money. You can make $1,500 to $3,500 million per performance but landing a job requires constant training and auditioning.

I was working consistently, but I wasn’t making enough to live on my own without my parents’ help, so I danced at bar mitzvahs and other events for kids.

I spent five years working my ass off. Then my body started to change and I couldn’t get as much consistent work. I’m Latin and my natural body type is not skinny.

I still tour with dance conventions and teach on tour. But when I book a video or something else, I have to drop everything. It’s hard letting people down, but everyone understands that if a dancer books a music video or a live show, it’s a huge deal.

I post new videos and tutorials as often as I can, which can be a lot of pressure. I’m not the type of person who’s always on my phone but I know my social media is my résumé.

I book most of my work through social media. I recently got a job choreographing (a routine)for the Backstreet Boys show in Las Vegas after the director of the show found me on Instagram.

Jojo Gomez Twitter

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