Kay Lenz Biography, Age, Movies, American Graffiti, Joy Lenz and House

Kay Lenz born “Kay Ann Lenz” is an American actress. A former child performer, Known for her primarily works in television and has won two Emmy Awards.

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Kay Lenz Biography

Kay Lenz was born as “Kay Ann Lenz”. She is an American actress. A former child performer, Known for her primarily works in television and has won two Emmy Awards.

Kay Lenz Age

Lenz was born on 4 March 1953, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America. She is 66 years old as of 2019.

Kay Lenz Body Measurements

She stands at a height of 1.55 meters (5 feet and 1 inch tall).

Breast/Bust size
29 in / 76 cm
Waist size
24 in / 61 cm
Hips size
33 in / 84 cm
Bra size
34A (US) / 75A (EU)
Cup size
A (US)
Dress Size
Shoe (Feet) Size


Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Nationality American
Race/ethnicity White


Kay Lenz Family

She was born to a producer and a commentator Ted Lenz (father), and Kay Miller Lenz (mother), who was a model/radio engineer by profession. There is no much information about her family and her early life.

Kay Lenz Husband | Kay Lenz David Cassidy

Lenz and her ex-husband first met in 1977 on a blind date. They later took their relationship further after dating for only two and a half months. Kay Lenz was married as a first wife to the former teen idol David Cassidy on 3 April 1977.

The married couple resided in the modest home in the Hollywood Hills. Although they were in the romantic bond for four years, the couple reportedly does not have any kids.

After savoring the married life for about four years, Kay parted her way from David Cassidy in 1981. The two parted amicably, but there were rumors that they ended their relationship as David had problems with drugs. However, Kay denied the rumors in her 1989 interview with People. She stated that she did drugs and everybody did, but it wasn’t a problem for them.

After their divorce, David moved into another relationship with Meryl Ann Tanz and married her in 1984. His wedding history trails the bond with Sue Shifrin as well. Sue is known as a licensed pilot and a songwriter.

As reported, David had the addiction of alcoholism which became the primary reason for his death in November 2017. During his struggle due to alcoholism, he publicized that he lied about his drinking habits. Today, Kay Lenz enjoys the single life and works in Sea Save Foundation working for saving the environment of seas and oceans.

Kay Lenz Children

She has no children, there is no information about her having children even from her marriage with David.

Kay Lenz Education

She got enrolled and later graduated from Ulysses S. Grant High School, there is no much information about his education background.

Kay Lenz Career | Actress

Lenz started off working as a child actress. She appeared in three episodes of  (This Is the Life) when she was 14 years old, She as well appeared in such television shows as The Andy Griffith Show with the stage name Kay Ann Kemper, Opie’s Group in 1967 as well as in stage productions.

She then made a brief appearance billed in a small role in American Graffiti as Jane, a girl at a dance. Key then got recognition for her title-role performance as the free spirit who captivates William Holden in Breezy, directed by Clint Eastwood.

Lenz then appeared as a guest in The Streets of San Francisco, Gunsmoke, MacGyver, McCloud, Cannon, and Petrocelli, and played a lead role in the film White Line Fever (1975) before being cast in the miniseries Rich Man, Poor Man in 1976, for which she later nominated for an Emmy Award. She then reprised her role for the sequel, Rich Man, Poor Man Book II of 1977. In in the 1980s, She as well has played guest roles in numerous television series.

She then appeared In 1984 she appeared in Rod Stewart’s music video for the song “Infatuation”. Key won an Emmy in 1989 for Midnight Caller. She got nominated for an Emmy for her role as flinty lawyer Maggie Zombro in the police/legal drama Reasonable Doubts.

Kay Lenz Career

Kay Lenz started working as a child actress at the age of 14, beginning with the sitcom ‘This Is the Life’. In 1973, she had minor roles in the movies ‘American Graffiti’ and ‘Breezy’. A year later, she made a guest appearance in the western series ‘Gunsmoke’ and also played Dorie in the anthology series ‘The ABC Afternoon Playbreak,’ for which she won a Daytime Emmy Award. Soon after this, the actress was cast as Jerri Kane Hummer in the American-Canadian action flick ‘White Line Fever’.

In 1976, Lenz starred as Kate Jordache in the miniseries ‘Rich Man, Poor Man’. Two years later, she featured alongside Gregg Henry in Mel Stuart’s ‘Mean Dog Blues’. In the ensuing years, she had guest appearances in a number of TV programs including ‘Escape’, ‘The Fall Guy’, ‘Murder She Wrote’, ‘Hunter’, ‘Charles in Charge’ and ‘Starman’, to name a few. During this time, Lenz also featured as Sandy Sinclair in the comedy horror flick ‘House’ and garnered a Saturn Award nomination for her performance. After this, she played Tina Cassidy in three episodes of ‘Midnight Caller’ in 1988 and won another Emmy Award for her role.

She began the 1990s with a recurring role in season 1 of the police drama series ‘Reasonable Doubts’. She next had a voice role in the animated television series ‘Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa’. In 1994, Lenz lent her voice to the character of “American Maid” in the animated series ‘The Tick’.
During the 2000s, the actress appeared in guest roles in various TV dramas including ‘ER’, ‘Cover Me’, ‘Once and Again’, ‘NCIS’, ‘The Closer’ and ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’, to name a few.

Kay Lenz American Graffiti

She was featured as (Jane) in the American Graffiti in (1973) as a girl at a dance that got her recognition for her title-role performance as the free spirit who captivates William Holden in Breezy, directed by Clint Eastwood.

Kay Lenz Sister | Is Bethany Joy Lenz Related To Kay Lenz |Kay Lenz Joy Lenz

Her sister ( Bethany Joy Lenz ) of which in 2013 Joy Lenz landed the role of Lauren Byrd on the pilot Songbyrd for E!. The show centered around Lauren, a genius songwriter who employs a small staff. The two were featured, to enable and manage her eccentric, yet wildly successful process. The production for Songbyrd began in late January 2014 in New York City, but the show was not picked up by E!.

Kay Lenz Net Worth

Lenz has an estimated net worth of $3 million. This is thanks to her hard work as a performer.

Kay Lenz House

Kay on the House, M.D., she is featured as portrayed Mrs. Bradberry, the mother of injured patient Megan Bradberry in the Season 4 premiere Alone. (House) A Vietnam vet turned horror novelist returns to his boyhood home to find that it has been invaded by ghosts and ghouls.

 Kay Lenz Hits Her Stride with a Role in Midnight Caller

At any awards ceremony, it is customary for the winners to drop their jaws in surprise, bury their faces in their hands, stutter, and stammer perhaps shed a few tears. But even by Hollywood’s dramatic standards, Kay Lenz’s reaction to winning an Emmy this September was exceptionally emotional. “When they said my name,” Lenz recalls, “I didn’t just cry—I had projectile tears. They just went straight out of my face. I barely could see to get up on the stage.”

For Lenz, 36, who garnered the award for her guest role on NBC’s Midnight Caller. She won this award as an AIDS-afflicted schoolteacher (a role she reprises in the Nov. 14 episode), the vote of confidence from her peers was a precious symbol of her comeback.

She had earned their respect before, winning her first Emmy in 1974 but had lost it as she drifted into depression and depressingly low-profile movies, dropping out of sight for a couple of years in the early ’80s. Says Lenz: “The Emmy was like welcoming me back into the fold.” Unlike the smooth, powdered cheeks of more pampered Hollywood starlets, Lenz’s face is weathered, evidence of the strains of her roller-coaster life.

Yet throughout her low periods, marked by exploitative roles and a failed marriage to teen idol David Cassidy, which ended in 1981, Lenz has remained adamantly optimistic and free of regrets: “Everything I did, I did because it was the right thing to do at the time.”

At the beginning of her career, Lenz did seem to be doing everything right. The daughter of Ted Lenz, an L.A. broadcast producer, and Kay, a radio engineer and sometime model, baby Kay made her acting debut at 6 weeks, cradled in the arms of Betty White on the variety show Hollywood on Television.

At 19, she got what promised to be her big break—apart opposite William Holden in Breezy, directed by Clint Eastwood. Though she earned good reviews for the 1973 film and seemed poised for a breakthrough, she settled into a string of forgettable TV parts.

“If the role had a big V for the victim on it, then they’d hire me,” she says. “I was a teenage mother so many times that the only way I could tell them apart was how I delivered—whether it was natural, Lamaze, in vitro, or not of this planet.”

The work enabled her to buy a modest home in the Hollywood Hills, where she lives today and where she first resided with David Cassidy when they married in 1977, just 2½ months after meeting on a blind date.

Although, Lenz says, “I absolutely adored him,” she now sees that her whirlwind romance with Cassidy, who was still immensely popular after quitting The Partridge Family in 1974, may have been doomed from the start. “I wasn’t used to that state-of-stardom life-style,” says Lenz. “When we eloped it was on the national news. All of a sudden I was getting mail from women telling me that they had three of his children.”

The marriage lasted four years. Though it was rumored that Cassidy had problems with drugs, Lenz firmly denies they were a factor in their breakup. “I did drugs, everybody did,” says Lenz. “But they were never a problem for us.” She remembers being “unhappy, but I wasn’t sure why.”

The two parted amicably (Cassidy has since remarried), yet Lenz fell into a slump. “Part of it was because of the divorce,” she says. “My self-worth was down.” Lenz didn’t work for more than two years and could barely make ends meet. “On my 30th birthday, all the presents I got were boxes of food. That’s what I needed.”

James Woods, who became friends with Lenz in 1980 while they were shooting the film Fast-Walking, admired her tenacity during this rough stretch. “No matter what difficulties Kay was going through,” he says, “she found a way of just girding herself to fight through it.” Her goal was to keep working no matter what.

She took parts in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown and House and even peeled to a G-string in 1987’s cop thriller Stripped to Kill. Typically, she feels no remorse about the latter. “All women, if they are really honest about it, would love to think they could get up onstage and have men sticking dollar bills in their panties. So, in a way, that film was me being able to live a fantasy. And at the time, it was the best that came my way.”

After her Midnight Caller performances, Lenz may never have to strip on film again. Even if she isn’t showered with scripts, she’ll be happy puttering around her house, touching up the woodwork and tending her garden. At heart, she says, “I’m a loner. I like to hide a lot.” She occasionally meets friends for a lively game of Pictionary but says she is seeing “no one special. That’s the truth.” Relishing her current good fortune, she promises not to lose her head. “I know better than to think it’ll last forever.” But, she adds, “I also know that the bad times don’t last forever either.”


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