Michele Anthony Bio, Husband, Counsel,Msw Lcsw and Fargo

Michele Anthony is an American entertainment administrator and the Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group. She started working as a partner of the Beverly Hills entertainment law firm,

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Michele Anthony Biography

Michele Anthony is an American entertainment administrator and the Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group. She started working as a partner of the Beverly Hills entertainment law firm, Rosenfeld, Kassoy, and Kraus, with clients such as:
Rick Rubin
The Sugarcubes
The Pixies
Alice in Chains
Ozzy Osbourne
Guns N’ Roses
The Go-Go’s
The Eagles
Mother Love Bone.
She joined Sony Music as senior VP of domestic operations and was accountable for managing the company’s regional offices, as well as supervising new company projects and development. Sony Music entitled her the executive vice president in the year In 1994 and COO in 2004. She was selected to be the president of Sony Music Group in 2005. The Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group.played a crucial role in the signing of key artists such as Pearl Jam, Aerosmith, Rage Against The Machine, and The Offspring.

Michelle left Sony and founded 7H Entertainment, a consulting and management agency with clients that included:
Pearl Jam
Black Sabbath & Ozzy Osbourne
Bjork, Soundgarden
and Macy Grayhttps://www.facebook.com/coachmva/.

Michele Anthony Age

The American entertainer age is not immediately accessible, we excuse for the trouble.  we guarantee to furnish the information soon after we hold it in our palm.

nd Macy Grayhttps://www.facebook.com/coachmva/.

Michele Anthony Image

Michele-Anthony photo-jpg

Michele Anthony Husband

Michele is wedded to Anthony.

Michele Anthony Net Worth

She has a net worth of 1.1 million dollars as of 2018.

Michele Anthony Counselor

Michele in an interview said that, “since I have been working in the field of mental health from 1991 I have learned to address many issues that clients bring to my office including marital and relational, anxiety, depression, bipolar, boundaries, domestic violence, codependency, substance abuse, grief, and blended families.
I utilize short-term solution focused therapy, person-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psycho-education. I have a strong faith in Jesus Christ which we don’t talk about very often in session. But my faith does provide an undergirding for my counseling.
I offer therapy in a comfortable home setting. When the weather is nice and my clients prefer, we sit on the covered deck surrounded by woods ensuring privacy. To provide even more privacy, I schedule a thirty-minute break between each session to keep clients from crossing paths as they come and go”.

Michele Anthony Wall Street Journal

When she was 12 years old, she held along with her father Dee Anthony (music manager)  on tour with Peter Frampton and Joe Cocker.

She is the executive vice president of Universal Music Group, the highest-ranking female record executive at the giant music company. She helps manage its U.S. Trademarks, including Interscope Geffen A&M and Def Jam Recordings, while overseeing businesses like merchandising and co-operating on film, television and professional projects, including the coming documentary.

Michele Anthony Fargo

Michele Anthony Msw Lcsw

The classes and the career skills I am gaining are helping to fuel my passion, while the people I interact with help enrich my academic experience. At NYU, I do not feel like a number but a significant person that can actively contribute to society.

Michele Anthony Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder Pays Tribute to Universal’s Michele Anthony

She began working with its members in the late 1980s as the attorney for other Love Bonethe group that emerged into Pearl Jamand succeeding as their label executive at both Sony Music and currently at Universal.

The ceremony was a benefit for the United Jewish Appealwhich raises money for the organization and honors a different executive with its Music Visionary of the Year accolade.

So this here is a ukulele,” he said, “And this is an example of how supportiveMichele isI said ‘MicheleI have a record I wanna put outIt’s gonna be all-ukulele songs.’ And she said [hesitantly], “Ohgreat!” I pictured her hanging up the phone and saying ‘Motherf-er!’  but she’s supportiveand I’m touring the world playing this little ukuleleit fits in the carry-on on the plane.

I said, ‘Can I play it for Michele?’ and she said ‘For Michele AnthonyAbsolutely!’ And the only other person she gave me permission to sing it to was Barack Obama.

 Vedder then performed “Without You,” and afterward was joined by Pearl Jam guitarist Gossard for “Daughter.” He began with another dedication.

One of the reasons we still keep playing 25 or whatever years later is because of some of the sacrifices she’s made and her encouragement,” he said.

Then we wrote this one in the bathroomand then we played it on the bus late that night.

LaughterBut if not for youwere might not have survived these times and those times.

There’s just so much to saywe’ll just sing a song.

 At the end of a long and heartfelt speechAnthony paid tribute to the band.

Thank you to my Pearl Jam familyto my dear Kelly, my partner for 30 years.

To Stoneyou set the example from the earliest days of Mother Love Bone with your work in music and activismI love you and I’m so grateful that you’ are here.

Edfor your work to help free the West Memphis 3to your pro-choice and women’s rights fundraisersyour [HurricaneKatrina and environmental activismto protecting veterans‘ rights  words can’t express how grateful I am that you are here today.

 “I’m surprised no one has mentioned Michele’s monochromatic fashion sense,” he laughed off the eternally black-clad Anthony.

She’s the woman in black  you’d be more likely to find a picture of JohnnyCash in something floral.

There’s a cool thing that happensit’s almost like a parlor trick when someone meets Michele,” he continued.

After she leavesthey say, ‘Who was thatShe was amazing.’ I say, ‘Wellshe’s actually one of  if not the  most powerful woman in the music business.’ And they’re always surprised  she has such great energy and she’s such a real personAnd then I think, ‘Why do I have to say thatIt’s not about her being a womanIt’s like Sleater-Kinney  they’re not the greatest all-girl bandthey’rethe greatest bandBut until there’s equality I think it does have to be said. I can’t wait for the day when we don’t have to say it [ApplausePersonally, I think the woman part is just a benefit.”

Michele Anthony Fayetteville Ar

The executive came and ascertain her cat Ladybug missing.

She could have never pictured. What happened to her cat was something she said
She said Ladybug never went far from home and was very skittish to others. She said she can’t believe someone could hurt an animal in such a hateful way.Sergeant Anthony Murphy said a cat was shot in the eye between Oct. 10 and13 in Fayetteville but is now recovering.He said it’s very alarming someone would treat an animal like this.

The person who committed these crimes

Michele Anthony Facebook

The American entertainment administrator and the Executive Vice President of Universal Music Group, Facebook is not available it be provided in the soonest time possible.

Michele Anthony Email


Michele Anthony Instagram

Michele Anthony Interview

I’m a child of the ‘60s,” says Michele Anthony.

So there’s no demarcation between work and ­philanthropy or activism.

 Sitting on a couch in the listening room next to her New York office, Anthony is explaining how her job as executive VP at Universal Music Group connects other charitable work  chairing the Global Poverty Project’s Global Citizen TicketsInitiativeraising money for the women writers to retreat Hedgebrook and working with pro-choice organizations.

On June 14Anthony61will be honored for both her philanthropic work and ­professional accomplishments as Jewish ­philanthropy organization UJA-Federation of New York’s Music Visionary of the Year.

At UniversalAnthony helps manage the company’s U.S. labelsglobal catalog, and brand partnerships operations.

She has been in the music industry since she was a ­teenagerstarting out by helping her fatherDee Anthonywho managed Tony Bennett and PeterFramptonamong othershe helped bring a wave of British acts to the UnitedStates in the 1960s and ‘70sincluding Joe Cocker and Traffic.

I literally grew up with bands coming over from England and sleeping on our living room floor,” says Anthony.

You’re involved in several causes. How do you decide what to take on?

A lot of my philanthropy and activism has come through artists. When I was at Sony, the company created a technology that would show what a child abducted at 3 would look like at 13 and donated it to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and I was on the board of the organization. I’ve been very blessed to have Pearl Jam in my life, and we’ve been on a journey, starting with the West Memphis Three — they got involved in that case in the ’90s, and that became something near and dear to my heart.

Also through [Pearl Jam manager] Kelly Curtis I met Hugh Evans, who started the Global Poverty Project with the goal of ending extreme poverty. He wanted to do a concert in Central Park, and in 2012 we pulled off the first show with Neil Young, the Foo Fighters and others. And from that first year, when we were begging people, we’re now in the position wherein 2015 we had Beyoncé and Ed Sheeran.

Is that how you became chair of the Global Citizen Tickets Initiative, which gives fans access to tickets if they take action to fight poverty?

Hugh’s vision was, let’s not give tickets away, let’s educate and engage. So fans became eligible to win tickets [to Global Citizen Festival] by reading white papers or petitioning politicians. We extended that to other concerts, making it easy for artists and managers to donate tickets; we just give them two names to add to will call.

You’re also active with Hedgebrook, a retreat for women writers.

Through Nicole Vandenberg [Pearl Jam’s publicist, who also works on the band’s Vitalogy Foundation] I met Gloria Steinem, who is a hero of mine. And both Pearl Jam and I began doing ­different fundraisers with Gloria for pro-choice organizations. A few years later, Gloria and Nicole told me about Hedgebrook, a ­property that ­provides women writers with, in the words of Virginia Woolf, “a room of one’s own.” Their tagline is “women ­authoring change.” Together we hosted ­several fundraisers, which in part helped create their ­songwriters program; Brandi Carlile and Joanna Newsom are alums.

You once said that Steinem and your father are your biggest influences.

If I talk about Gloria, I have to talk about my mother. My parents were divorced, so I would go on the road with my dad but then also watch the indignities that my mom went through in the workforce: getting sent home from work for wearing pants, or ­having her boss giving her his hotel-room key when they went on a business trip. So my mother and I would read Gloria’s articles in New York magazine, and those became guiding principles for me.


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