Nadia Bjorlin Biography, Age, Pregnant, Husband, Days Of Our Lives, Movies, Interview

Nadia Bjorlin born Nadia Alexandra Björlin is an American actress, singer, and model. She attended the Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and was honored for her excellence in theatre, music, voice and dance.

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Nadia Bjorlin Biography

Nadia Bjorlin  born Nadia Alexandra Björlin is an American actress, singer, and model.

Nadia Bjorlin Age

Nadia was born on 2 August 1980 in Newport, Rhode Island, United States. She is 38 years old as of 2018.

Nadia Bjorlin Parents | Nadia Bjorlin Family

She is the daughter of Swedish composer and conductor Ulf Björlin and Fary Björlin (née Dadashi), an Iranian interior designer. She has two brothers, Ulf Alexander Jr. and a younger brother Jean-Paul. She also has an older half-brother Kaj, and two older half-sisters Katja and Kamilla, from her mother’s first marriage.

Nadia Bjorlin And Husband | Nadia Bjorlin Married

She is married to Turnbull, the couple married. Their wedding took place on May 15, 2015 in Palm Springs. She has been into various relationships before. She first dated Los Angeles radio personality Frank Kramer around 2000 or 2001 for less than a year. She also dated Bruce Willis around 2001–2002 and got engaged to subprime lending tycoon Daniel Sadek.

Brandon Beemer And Nadia Bjorlin Married | Nadia Bjorlin And Brandon Beemer Engaged

She was in a relationship with actor Brandon Beemer for seven years until 2013. She got engaged to boyfriend Grant Turnbull in August 2014, a property developer and home builder.

Nadia Bjorlin Baby | Sons

The couple have two sons, Torin Mathias born on May 4, 2016 and Viggo Sebastian born on September 1, 2017.

Nadia Bjorlin Education

She attended the Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, and was honored for her excellence in theatre, music, voice and dance. She also attended the Palm Beach County School of the Arts now known as Dreyfoos School of the Arts and the Professional Children’s School.

Nadia Bjorlin Photo

Nadia Bjorlin Movies And Tv Shows- Nadia Bjorlin Days Of Our Lives

She made her debut role as Chloe Lane in April 1999 on the soap opera Days of Our Lives and as a go-go dancer in the music video for Ricky Martin’s song Shake Your Bon-Bon. She left Days in June 2003 to concentrate on her singing career but returned later in December 2003. She left Days of our Lives again and joined the cast of the UPN series Sex, Love & Secrets. The show was canceled by the network, but she continued to make guest appearances on television series such as Jake in Progress and Out of Practice.

She appeared in the 2007 independent feature film If I Had Known I Was a Genius, starring Markus Redmond, Whoopi Goldberg, Sharon Stone, and Tara Reid. The film was screened at the Sundance Film Festival in 2007. She returned to Days of Our Lives show as Chloe on November 29, 2007, and left in September 2011 to pursue acting in films. Since 2009, she has starred as lesbian author Lara in the web series Venice: The Series.

In 2010, appeared in NCIS as a suburban housewife wearing a bikini during a door-to-door canvasing by one of the NCIS investigators. She also guest starred on the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men as Evelyn Harper’s lesbian lover, Jill. In 2011, she was among the stars of the reality television series Dirty Soap which gave viewers a behind-the-scenes view of Nadia’s departure from Days of Our Lives, and afterward.

She returned to her role as Chloe on Days of Our Lives for a two-episode stint on August 3, and 4, 2013, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the daytime serial. She guest starred on 2 Broke Girls as the owner of a cat found by the girls in an episode aired on October 7, 2013.

Nadia Bjorlin Photos, Pregnant, Bikini and Eyes

Nadia Bjorlin Redline

She was cast as the female lead of the Chicago Pictures’ feature film, Redline, starring Eddie Griffin and Nathan Phillips, and was released in theaters on April 13, 2007.

Nadia Bjorlin Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of around $2 million dollars.

Nadia Bjorlin Twitter

Nadia Bjorlin Instagram

Nadia Bjorlin Kiss[HD]

Nadia Bjorlin Interview

Interview: Days of our Lives’ Nadia Bjorlin


“She is really focusing on the positive because when she left last year, it was really the low point in her life.”

The diva is back on “Days,” and in addition to her adorable son Parker (Evan and Luke Kruntchev), Chloe Lane has returned with a renewed sense of self, some killer confidence and an agenda to get back together with Daniel (Shawn Christian), no matter what it takes. Actress Nadia Bjorlin spoke with about her future with the desirable doctor, her friendship with Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and the impending arrival of her mother Nancy (Patrika Darbo). How does it feel being back on “Days?”

Bjorlin: It feels great. It is like going home again. It never feels like this big passage of time has gone by because when I walk back in it is like, “Oh, hi guys.” How has Chloe changed since she left Salem?

Bjorlin: I think she has really gained her sense of self back, and has become more confident and really become a good mother. She is really focusing on the positive because when she left last year, it was really the low point in her life. She had really been letting people affect her, the Kates and Vivians of the world, and it really just broke down her self esteem and she was just unrecognizable. I think now she really has a stronger sense of self and a stronger sense of what she wants, for better or for worse. So do you think she has something to prove to everyone in town?

Bjorlin: I think it is more about proving it to herself. I don’t think it is necessarily about anyone else. It could come across that way potentially, but I think it is more about her realizing what she needs and what she wants. I think she is focusing on the right things, which is her son Parker. She wants the best in life for him and really wants to give him the life she never had growing up, bouncing around foster homes. She really wants to give him a great, loving, stable life and her intentions are great. This time around she is losing sight of her good intentions because she is so focused on this outcome for her son that she may be making some bad decisions along the way. How far is Chloe willing to go to get Daniel back?

Bjorlin: Well, I think at first she didn’t think it is going to be that difficult, and in her mind this was how it was supposed to be but all these people messed with them and got in the way of what they really were supposed to be. These dumb mistakes happened and we can so easily rectify them now, so why shouldn’t we? I don’t think she realized that some time had passed by and people have moved on and Daniel has moved on. I don’t think it was anything that was planned, but she will maybe start to panic a bit and go, “Well now what? I really need to prove to him that this is the life he wants. He is going to want a life with me,” and do it with really good intentions. I think Chloe is not a malicious person. She has a lot of love to give and share, but she sometimes makes really quick, irrational decisions to support her agenda. Does Chloe still consider Nicole a friend of hers?

Bjorlin: At this point they have this dysfunctional friendship. I think Chloe has every right in the world to be upset with Nicole and I am really glad they touch on that, because when Chloe leaves there is this whole story with Nicole and Daniel and how she falls in love with him. And in any universe that would not be cool if your best friend was going after the love of your life, even if it didn’t work out. You should put your friendship ahead of that, and I am glad that is touched upon, but their friendship is not going to be the same. It is broken and dysfunctional, but at the same time there is this deep love for each other. They may say nasty things to each other but then deep down they will think, “Oh, I still love you, you crazy bitch.” Maybe we understand each other a little more than other people do because there are these similarities, and Nicole does things out of love as well. They may be really screwed up or dangerous or unkind things, but it is motivated from a good place. But who knows? They could always find their way back to each other as best friends because, hello, they were best friends after she gave Chloe a flesh-eating bacteria on her face. We remember that story, don’t we? So if they can be best friends after that, anything is possible. What is the dynamic going to be with Chloe’s mom Nancy when she comes back to town?

Bjorlin: I am so excited about her coming back. She is going to be coming back to town because of Parker. I guess I can say that she is coming back to be there for Chloe, and to be a supportive mom and be there for her. This last time around, when Chloe was at her lowest point with the prostitution, I am glad it is touched upon because I felt like it was not really true to that character, to that family, that they wouldn’t be around when Chloe needed her. And it explained a little bit that Nancy and Craig [Kevin Spirtas] didn’t know what was going on. Nancy really wants to come and be supportive for her daughter and whatever she may need. And I think it is definitely a throwback to Nancy and Craig and the shenanigans they used to be up to. And it plays a little into the history of the show, how the Wesleys and the Hortons didn’t really like each other, so it is actually very cool and I learned something, so it is going to be really fun. Would you like to see Brandon [Beemer] come back as Shawn? Has he been approached at all?

Bjorlin: No he hasn’t been, but I absolutely think there is definitely an untold story there. I think it was kind of abrupt how Shawn and Belle [Martha Madison] left. Bo [Peter Reckell] and Hope [Kristian Alfonso] left and sailed around the world at one point and they followed in their footsteps, but I think it would be very appropriate for them to return. Definitely for Shawn to return, with bias speaking here. So have you been doing anything new with your music?

Bjorlin: I wish I could say yes, I have been, but I haven’t been. I feel so blessed, but I have been so busy with “Days” and getting ready to shoot the fourth season of “Venice,” and it is pilot season. So I have had zero time to even breathe.

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