Nora Roberts Biography, Age, Net Worth, Books and Movies

Nora Roberts born Eleanor Marie Robertson, is an American author. She was born on October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, the youngest of five children. After a school career that included some time in Catholic school and the discipline of nuns, she married young and settled in Keedysville, Maryland.

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Nora Roberts Biography

Nora Roberts born Eleanor Marie Robertson, is an American author. She was born on October 10, 1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland, the youngest of five children. After a school career that included some time in Catholic school and the discipline of nuns, she married young and settled in Keedysville, Maryland.

She worked briefly as a legal secretary. “I could type fast but couldn’t spell, I was the worst legal secretary ever,” she says now. After her sons were born she stayed home and tried every craft that came along. A blizzard in February 1979 forced her hand to try another creative outlet. She was snowed in with a three and six year old with no kindergarten respite in sight and a dwindling supply of chocolate.

Born into a family of readers, Nora had never known a time that she wasn’t reading or making up stories. During the now-famous blizzard, she pulled out a pencil and notebook and began to write down one of those stories. It was there that a career was born. Several manuscripts and rejections later, her first book, Irish Thoroughbred, was published by Silhouette in 1981.


Nora met her second husband, Bruce Wilder, when she hired him to build bookshelves. They were married in July 1985. Since that time, they’ve expanded their home, traveled the world and opened a bookstore together.

Through the years, Nora has always been surrounded by men. Not only was she the youngest in her family, but she was also the only girl. She has raised two sons. Having spent her life surrounded by men, Ms. Roberts has a fairly good view of the workings of the male mind, which is a constant delight to her readers. It was, she’s been quoted as saying, a choice between figuring men out or running away screaming.

Nora is a member of several writers groups and has won countless awards from her colleagues and the publishing industry. Recently The New Yorker called her “America’s favorite novelist.”

Nora Roberts Age

She was born on October 10, 1950.

Nora Roberts Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth of $150 million.

Nora Roberts Fantastic Fiction

Nora Roberts is the New York Times bestselling writter of more than 190 novels and there are 300 million copies of her books in print. Under the pen name J. D. Robb, she is author of the New York Times bestselling futuristic suspense series, which features Lieutenant Eve Dallas and Roarke.

Nora Roberts Serie


  • Irish Thoroughbred
  • Irish Rose
  • Irish Rebel


  • Reflections
  • Dance of Dreams


  • Playing the Odds
  • Tempting Fate
  • All the Possibilities
  • One Man’s Art
  • For Now, Forever
  • Rebellion
  • “In from the Cold” novella
  • The MacGregor Brides
  • The Winning Hand
  • The MacGregor Grooms
  • The Perfect Neighbor


  • Affaire Royal
  • Command Performance
  • The Playboy Prince
  • Cordina’s Crown Jewel


  • The Last Honest Woman
  • Dance to the Piper
  • Skin Deep
  • Without a Trace


  • Taming Natasha
  • Luring a Lady
  • Falling for Rachel
  • Convincing Alex
  • Waiting for Nick
  • Considering Kate


  • Time Was
  • Times Change


  • Night Shift
  • Night Shadow
  • Nightshade
  • Night Smoke
  • Night Shield


  • Courting Catherine
  • A Man for Amanda
  • For the Love of Lilah
  • Suzanna’s Surrender
  • Megan’s Mate


  • Captivated
  • Entranced
  • Charmed
  • Enchanted


  • The Return of Rafe MacKade
  • The Pride of Jared MacKade
  • The Heart of Devin MacKade
  • The Fall of Shane MacKade


  • Hidden Star
  • Captive Star
  • Secret Star


  • Born in Fire
  • Born in Ice
  • Born in Shame


  • Daring to Dream
  • Holding the Dream
  • Finding the Dream


  • Sea Swept
  • Rising Tides
  • Inner Harbor
  • Chesapeake Blue


  • Jewels of the Sun
  • Tears of the Moon
  • Heart of the Sea


  • Dance Upon the Air
  • Heaven and Earth
  • Face the Fire


  • Key of Light
  • Key of Knowledge
  • Key of Valor


  • Blue Dahlia
  • Black Rose
  • Red Lily


  • Morrigan’s Cross
  • Dance of the Gods
  • Valley of Silence


  • Blood Brothers
  • The Hollow
  • The Pagan Stone


  • Vision in White
  • Bed of Roses
  • Savor the Moment
  • Happy Ever After


  • The Next Always
  • The Last Boyfriend
  • The Perfect Hope


  • Dark Witch
  • Shadow Spell
  • Blood Magick


  • Stars of Fortune
  • Bay of Sighs
  • Island of Glass

Nora Roberts Books – Nora Roberts Novels

  • Come Sundown
  • Year One
  • Morrigan’s Cross
  • Sacred Sins
  • Key Of Valor
  • Heaven And Earth
  • Stars Of Fortune
  • Chasing Hope
  • Shadow Spell
  • Blood Magick
  • Whiskey Beach
  • Dark Witch
  • The Perfect Hope
  • The Last Boyfriend
  • Carolina Moon
  • Dance To The Piper
  • The Next Always
  • The Reef
  • Irish Born
  • The Quinn Brothers
  • Moon Shadows
  • A Little Fate
  • Once Upon A Midnight
  • Once Upon A Kiss
  • A Little Magic
  • Once Upon A Rose
  • Once Upon A Dream
  • Island Of Glass
  • Valley Of Silence
  • Bay Of Sighs
  • Dance Of The Gods
  • The Obsession
  • The Liar
  • Key Of Knowledge
  • Key Of Light
  • Blue Smoke
  • Face The Fire
  • Dance Upon The Air
  • Heart Of The Sea
  • Nora Roberts Cousins O’dw…
  • Home For Christmas (Novel…
  • All I Want For Christmas …
  • In From The Cold (Novella…
  • Rebellion
  • Tears Of The Moon
  • Jewels Of The Sun
  • Tonight And Always
  • The Villa
  • The Collector
  • Red Lily
  • Black Rose
  • Vision In White
  • Blue Dahlia
  • Born In Shame
  • Born In Ice
  • A Matter Of Choice
  • Endings And Beginnings
  • Born In Fire
  • Nora Roberts Boonsboro Tr…
  • Chesapeake Blue
  • Eight Classic Nora Robert…
  • Once More With Feeling
  • Storm Warning
  • Reflections
  • Dance Of Dreams
  • Inner Harbor
  • Rising Tides
  • Macgregors …
  • Calhouns Co…
  • Macgregors …
  • Sea Swept
  • Time Duolog…
  • Irish Legac…
  • Less Of A Stranger
  • Untamed
  • Sullivan’s Woman
  • Her Mother’s Keeper
  • O’hurleys Co…
  • The Witness
  • Cordina’s R…
  • Night Tales…
  • Donovan Leg…
  • Search For Love
  • Island Of Flowers
  • Song Of The West
  • Blithe Images
  • From This Day
  • Time Was
  • Times Change
  • Rules Of The Game
  • The Right Path
  • The Heart’s Victory
  • Holiday Wishes
  • Gabriel’s Angel
  • Inn Boonsbo…
  • True Betrayals
  • Private Scandals
  • Partners
  • This Magic Moment
  • Local Hero
  • The Law Is A Lady
  • First Impressions
  • Temptation
  • The Name Of The Game
  • The Welcoming
  • Opposites Attract
  • Finding The Dream
  • Holding The Dream
  • Daring To Dream
  • Irish Thoroughbred
  • Dual Image
  • Loving Jack
  • For The Love Of Lilah
  • A Man For Amanda
  • Best Laid Plans
  • Lawless
  • Irish Rebel
  • Irish Rose
  • Courting Catherine
  • Suzanna’s Surrender
  • Summer Love
  • Boundary Lines
  • Megan’s Mate
  • For Now, Forever
  • The Macgregor Brides
  • The Macgregor Grooms
  • Playing The Odds
  • Tempting Fate
  • Night Shield
  • The Winning Hand
  • Night Smoke
  • Nightshade
  • Night Shift
  • Night Shadow
  • The Perfect Neighbor
  • Rebellion & In From The C…
  • One Man’s Art
  • All The Possibilities
  • The Novels Of Nora Robert…
  • Chasing Fire
  • The Last Honest Woman
  • Without A Trace
  • Charmed
  • Cordina’s Crown Jewel
  • The Playboy Prince
  • Entranced
  • Enchanted
  • Command Performance
  • Skin Deep
  • Captivated
  • Affaire Royale
  • Brazen Virtue
  • Hot Ice
  • River’s End
  • Key Trilogy
  • Sign Of Sev…
  • The Irish B…
  • The Search
  • Dream Trilo…
  • Three Siste…
  •  Chesapeake …
  • Divine Evil
  • Bride Quart…
  • In The Gard…
  • The Gallag…
  • Circle Tril…
  • Happy Ever After
  • Honest Illusions
  • Black Hills
  • Savor The Moment
  • Carnal Innocence
  • Hot Rocks
  • Genuine Lies
  • Bed Of Roses
  • Public Secrets
  • Sweet Revenge
  • Tribute
  • The Pagan Stone
  • Homeport
  • High Noon
  • The Hollow
  • Blood Brothers
  • Sanctuary
  • Angels Fall
  • Circle Trilo…
  • In The Garde…
  • Montana Sky
  • The Quinn Legacy
  • Spellbound
  • Northern Lights
  • Lovers And Dreamers 3-In-…
  • Nora Roberts Key Trilogy …
  • Hidden Riches
  • Remember When
  • Birthright
  • Chesapeake Q…
  • The Official Nora Roberts…
  • Three Fates
  • Midnight Bayou
  • From The Heart
  • Once Upon A Star
  • Once Upon A Castle

Nora Roberts Movies

  • Magic Moments – 1989
  • Sanctuary – 2001
  • Angels Fall – 2007
  • Montana Sky – 2007
  • Blue Smoke – 2007
  • Carolina Moon – 2007
  • Northern Lights – 2009
  • Midnight Bayou – 2009
  • High Noon – 2009
  • Tribute – 2009
  • Carnal Innocence – 2011

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