Olivia Wayne Biography, Age, Husband, Career

Olivia Wayne (born Olivia Godfrey ) is a British sports journalist, and co-presenter on the Sky Sports television show Good Morning Sports Fans.

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Olivia Wayne Biography

Olivia Wayne (born Olivia Godfrey ) is a British sports journalist, and co-presenter on the Sky Sports television show Good Morning Sports Fans.

Olivia Wayne Age

Olivia was born in Mill Hill, London, England on 10th of November 1986 (32 years) as of 2018.

Olivia Wayne Family

Information about her family and her childhood has not been revealed yet.

She pursued her education from the North London Collegiate School (NLCS). She is also the graduate of the University of California where she garnered a degree in American and Canadian Studies.

Olivia Wayne Husband|Olivia Wayne Married

She is married to her long term best friend DJ Zeb Wayne, the son of composer and musician Jeff Wayne, best known for the musical War of the Worlds. They tied the knot on 25 August 2013. They have a son named Ozzie.

Olivia Wayne Wedding

Olivia Wayne Career

She is a presenter on the Sky Sports television show Good Morning Sports Fans.

She hosted for Net-a-porter, Vogue TV, Ellenn.com, and The British Fashion Awards being the significant TV presenter.
she is also a model and actress best known for her roles in several movies like Sky News: Sunrise of 1989, A League of Their Own of 2010, and 84303 of 2018. She was the judge of Carton House Most Stylish Lady event at the Boylesports Irish Grand National in 2018.

Olivia Wayne Height

she has a height of around 1.6 meters (5 feet and 3 inches tall).

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Olivia Wayne Interview

Working Hard Pays And Sky Sports Presenter Olivia Wayne Can Prove It

I think at the beginning of any career your moves need to be organic. When opportunities arise, you should take them. You meet people and things develop naturally. Later on in your career when you have experience and an understanding of what you want and the areas you want to explore, its easier to put a strategy in place as long as you have the right team and are open to the fact that you can’t control everything! I think you just have to avoid over thinking things, which I have a tendency to do. If you make the decision to take a risk, then you have to whole-heartedly go for it and see what happens. I believe you will always regret the things you haven’t done, rather than the things you do. The best piece of advice I never got but wish I had is to think of your career as a series of experiences. To know that we have so much to learn, and we may fail, or may not achieve our perceived dream job – the journey is just as important as the destination. We need experiences to grow and become better at what we do. Also do not sweat the small stuff – in the grand scheme of things, little obstacles are irrelevant bumps on a long road.

I’m in my forth year at Sky Sports News now and I really love it. I finally feel comfortable and at ease in the chair. I always thought I was but now I can have fun when I am on air and not sweat the small stuff – mistakes happen, its only natural and actually I think the viewer likes to see that human element. I love the live environment, I have regular shifts now with the same co-presenter, and we have built a good rapport and understanding of each other. Sky Sports is an amazing place to work – it’s always evolving and modernising and it has a great energy about the place – even at 4am!

Now a normal day starts with me waking up at around 3am and driving to the studios. I then prep for a coupe of hours – making sure I am ready for my shift ahead, knowing what the main stories are, what live sport is on, what big events are happening that day and any interviews we will have or guests coming on the programme. On a 24hr news channel there is plenty that you can not plan for but we try and cover as much as possible – failure to prepare, prepare to fail. I have my hair and makeup done and get dressed and we go live at 6am. I am on air until 10am on a strand called Good Morning Sports Fans, and we tend to reflect on the sport from the night before, the action and drama and also look ahead to the big events coming up in the day. There is a lot to fit in to our 4 hours and the programme is all live and constantly evolving with stories developing all the time so it is pretty intense.

I have not received negativity about fronting a sports programme as a woman, although of course, I have received plenty of online negativity – but that tends to be the nature of being on twitter and TV! If you are passionate, hard working and driven, sports media and broadcast is a fantastic arena to be in – irrelevant of gender. It can be difficult as there are not lots of on-screen positions for women at the very top due to the nature of punditry usually being retired male sportsmen, but that is definitely changing and expanding. Lots of traditionally male dominated fields can be slightly harder to permeate but this is constantly evolving and if you want it bad enough, and work hard enough then there really is no reason not to.

Waking up early and working on days like Christmas can be a bit difficult. I have lots of time off in the week – when no one is around, and then on weekends I have to be in bed early and up very early. It takes its toll on me – and the longer I have been doing it, the more I realise how much sleep I need to try and catch up on. I am however really into health and fitness. I recognised quite early that with crazy hours, what I eat and exercise are so essential for a happier healthier life, and so I try to avoid refined sugar, don’t have much dairy or gluten and exercise about 5 times a week. I also love a good movie on the couch. I tend to burn the candle when it comes to socialising and working on weekends, and save up my sleep for mid-week! My husband being a night owl and DJ/ music producer isn’t ideal either – we are like ships in the night on weekends! If I didn’t love my job it would be a hard lifestyle to sustain – but hopefully its putting in a bit of groundwork for babies.

My husband, friends and family are wonderful. They really get it – although admittedly its quite annoying always declining evening arrangements and never having a lie in! But we make it work just fine, and my husband’s crazy hours make mine seem normal. If one of us had a 9-5 it would definitely be harder to cope with. Being permanently tired is pretty boring on everyone so I try to just get on with it– thankfully coffee is never far – or is a little meltdown. A good cry sorts everything.

Unlike other industries, it’s not possible to too plan far in advance. There are not the same tried and tested traditional routes that are guaranteed to a presenter, and there are no certainties based on qualification or experience. My career, although in its infancy, has come about through various opportunities presenting themselves (not necessarily in areas I had initially thought about or directly pursued) and me grabbing the chance to have a go. I am a big believer in the Celestine Prophecy and synchronicity – the basic principle that everything happens for a reason and although it may not be clear to you at the time, there are lessons or things to be learned from every situation. I think it is important to stay open-minded and positive and if sometimes we don’t feel like we are moving upwards but sideways, to embrace that for the new opportunities that good rise from it. I am very ambitious and have high expectations from myself, so think it is important to keep challenging myself and pushing my boundaries.

If I could give any advice for anyone planning on going into presenting it would be to learn your craft. Presenting has a varied and important skill set that is more than just reading out loud. So work hard on understanding how to deliver information in a way that is true to you yet informative, conversational and easy to digest. It is important to not think being a presenter is about you. The job of a presenter is to relay information or find out information about others. If news broadcast is an area you want pursue, then having a journalism degree and working for local newspapers, radio and TV stations are so beneficial. Being savvy with the digital space especially when it comes to news gathering is now essential. The best thing you can be is genuine and authentic – the viewer can see straight through anything else.

I am most proud of the fact that my first proper presenting job was on a channel that has over 2 million viewers a day. I jumped in at the deep end and didn’t sink. Where I will be in five or 10 years time is something I am still trying to figure out. I know the future holds more challenges, more exciting opportunities, fulfillment and achievement. Most importantly it holds happiness, satisfaction and balance in both my professional and personal life.

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Olivia Wayne Sky Sports Presenter

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