Richard Roeper Biography, Age, Net worth, Actor, Film critic, Annual film rankings, Bibliography

Richard Roeper is an American columnist and film critic for The Chicago Sun-Times. He is best known for co-hosting the television series and the Movies with Roger Ebert from 2000 to 2008, where he most portrayes as Gene Siskel’s the successor. From 2010 until 2014 he co-hosted The Roe and Roeper Show with Roe Conn on WLS-AM. On October 19, 2015, Roeper was selected as the new host for the FOX 32 morning show Good Day Chicago. He served as the host until October 2017.

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Richard Roeper Biography

Richard Roeper is an American columnist and film critic for The Chicago Sun-Times. He is best known for co-hosting the television series and the Movies with Roger Ebert from 2000 to 2008, where he most portrayes as Gene Siskel’s the successor. From 2010 until 2014 he co-hosted The Roe and Roeper Show with Roe Conn on WLS-AM. On October 19, 2015, Roeper was selected as the new host for the FOX 32 morning show Good Day Chicago. He served as the host until October 2017.

Richard Roeper Age

Richard Roeper was born on 17 October 1959 in Chicago, Illinois, United States. He is 59 years old as of 2018.

Richard Roeper Height

Richard Roeper stands at a height of 6′ (1.83 m).

Richard Roeper Net worth

Richard Roeper has an estimated net worth of $40.1 million.

Richard Roeper Family

Richard Roeper family is under review.

Richard Roeper Photo

Richard Roeper Education

Richard Roeper attended Thornridge High School. He then graduated from Illinois State University in 1982.

Richard Roeper Actor

Richard Roeper began working as a columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times in 1987. He appeared on the first episode of the fifth season of Entourage reviewing the fake movie Medellin starring fictional movie star Vincent Chase. In April 2008, he was the central figure on an episode of Top Chef, in which the contestants served up movie themed dishes to Roeper and his friends, including Aisha Tyler.

In February 2009, he launched his own web site, which features movie reviews, blog entries about politics, sports and movies, photos and Twitter entries. For most of the year Roeper was posting print reviews and blog entries. He announced the reviews will appear first on his site, then on the Starz channel. He signed off from Fox Chicago’s morning TV on October 18, 2017.

Richard Roeper Film critic

After the death of Gene Siskel of Siskel & Ebert on Saturday, February 20, 1999, Roger Ebert did the show with nearly 30 co-hosts. After 10 guest stints, Roeper was offered the opportunity to permanently co-host the popular film review show with Ebert. The series was renamed Ebert & Roeper and the Movies in 2000, and shortened to Ebert & Roeper in 2002.

In the beginning of August 2006, he co-host Roger Ebert was recovering from cancer surgery, he was joined by guest critics, including Clerks director Kevin Smith and The Tonight Show host Jay Leno. On Sunday, July 20, 2008, he announced that he was leaving the show in mid-August and would return with a new show later in the year. He continued to write his general interest column, and also contributes reviews to the Sun-Times and to newspapers across the country.

Richard Roeper Annual film rankings

  • 2000: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
  • 2001: Memento
  • 2002: Gangs of New York
  • 2003: In America
  • 2004: Hotel Rwanda
  • 2005: Syriana
  • 2006: The Departed
  • 2007: Michael Clayton
  • 2008: Slumdog Millionaire
  • 2009: Brothers
  • 2000s (decade): The Departed
  • 2010: Inception
  • 2011: Drive
  • 2012: Zero Dark Thirty
  • 2013: American Hustle
  • 2014: Boyhood
  • 2015: Room
  • 2016: Manchester by the Sea
  • 2017: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
  • 2018: Widows

Richard Roeper Bibliography

  • He Rents, She Rents: The Ultimate Guide to the Best Women’s Films and Guy Movies, with Laurie Viera (1999)
  • Hollywood Urban Legends: The Truth Behind All Those Delightfully Persistent Myths of Films, Television, and Music (2001)
  • Urban Legends: The Truth Behind All Those Deliciously Entertaining Myths That Are Absolutely, Positively, 100% Not True (2001)
  • Ten Sure Signs a Movie Character is Doomed, and Other Surprising Movie Lists (2003)
  • Schlock Value: Hollywood At Its Worst (2005)
  • Sox and the City: A Fan’s Love Affair with the White Sox from the Heartbreak of ’67 to the Wizards of Oz (2006)
  • Debunked!: Conspiracy Theories, Urban Legends, and Evil Plots of the 21st Century (2008)
  • Bet the House: How I Gambled Over a Grand a Day for 30 Days on Sports, Poker, and Games of Chance (2010)

Richard Roeper Tv Shows

  • At the Movies (1986-2010 TV program)
  • Starz Inside
  • Hollywood’s Top Ten 2010-2011
  • Roeper’s Movie Reviews
  • At the Movies With Ebert and Roeper

Richard Roeper Twitter

Richard Roeper Instagram

Richard Roeper You tube Interview

Richard Roeper News

Richard Roeper, is one of the most successful movie critics of all time, has returned to HDNet Movies for And the Oscar Goes to … Presented by Richard Roeper, a monthlong exploration of past Academy Award winners. The marathon, which runs 24/7 on the network, features such illustrious title as The Untouchables, Apocalypse Now, Gods and Monsters, A Passage to India, Witness and Yentl, among many others.

Roeper introduces each film, offering interesting behind-the-scenes details and trivia information on the history of the selected movies. Of course, the film festival is perfectly timed to welcome this year’s Academy Awards ceremony, which will see films like Roma facing off against The Favourite and A Star Is Born.

“It’s actually a lot of fun,” Roeper said in a recent phone interview. “Every one of the movies that we’re going to be presenting is an Academy Award winner. It might not be a Best Picture winner, but it might have won for one of the performances, for the cinematography. The cool thing is people will obviously know titles like No Country for Old Men and City Slickers, but we’re also going to be showing movies such as Reversal of Fortune, for example, where Jeremy Irons won the Academy Award based on a real-life scandal. I’m not sure everybody remembers that movie.”

Another highlight that Roeper is excited for is Sling Blade, the drama that won Billy Bob Thornton a screenplay award. That film airs Thursday, Feb. 7 at 9 p.m. and Sunday, Feb. 17 at 12:15 a.m. “So the neat thing is before showing the movies I get to tell a few stories about the making of the film,” he said. “If it’s more recent, have I had any interactions with people involved in the film? I’ll tell some behind-the-scene anecdotes, so kind of a neat way for me to revisit these films and to introduce them in some cases to a new audience.”

When HDNet Movies’ team selected the films, Roeper, whose movie watching and movie knowledge are top notch, was relied upon to brush up on these classic titles. Luckily, he had seen each and every one of them, but some of them he hadn’t caught in years. “So, for example, going back and watching Marty where Ernest Borgnine won the Academy Award,” Roeper said. “It’s a really interesting film, too, because it started off as a television special. They used to do a lot of almost live theater on TV back in the day, and then it was turned into a movie. To watch that and to see just beautiful writing — Paddy Chayefsky’s screenplay, talk about unparalleled.

Man, he wrote so many great films, all the way up to Network and things like that, but to go back and watch something like that, that was really cool. That’s the kind of homework I love.” Some of the comedies on the list also intrigued Roeper, who writes for The Chicago Sun-Times and has appeared regularly on television, including a long-running show with Roger Ebert. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, starring just about everyone in Hollywood at the time, made the final list. Ditto for City Slickers, which secured Jack Palance that rarest of rare accolades: an Oscar for a comedic role.

“Comedies are usually overlooked when it comes to the Oscars,” Roeper said. “So it’s kind of neat to also spotlight some of these great comedies, which in some cases hold up even better than dramas. Sometimes a drama that was great was very much of the period that it was made in, whereas a lot of comedy is universal, the same reason why the Marx brothers are still funny after a century.” The movie critic wrote all of his introductions for the TV special, which is par the course for his television contributions. He would receive more titles each day that HDNet Movies was able to secure the rights. For a film like Apocalypse Now, it didn’t take long for him to find stories to tell.

“In some cases, it’s pretty easy,” he said. “If I’m writing about Apocalypse Now, I’ve probably seen it 10 times, and I know a lot of the stories behind it. Then I’ll just write it up. In most cases, I’ll write up a script, in some cases just talking points to remind myself when we’re shooting it what I want to say, but everything I say is my own words. It’s always been a rule of mine actually. Unless it’s a straight read for some sort of television news program, I always write my own stuff.” HDNet Movies’ marathon is also a look at a bygone era when the Academy Awards still was a top cultural statement, commenting on everything from cinema to fashion to celebrity culture. All of these elements are still present and accounted for, but the ceremony has dropped in overall TV viewers over the past few years. Some films win Best Picture and never receive much business at the box office.

“Like everything else, because there are so many other options, the number of sheer people watching, the literal numbers are never going to be what they were,” Roeper said. “But it’s still usually in the top 10 in terms of TV programs for the year, right up there just behind the Super Bowl and things like that. It still is a big deal, but yeah back in the day that was it. The Oscars were also, other than maybe The Tonight Show, it was one of the few opportunities people had to see these stars when they weren’t in movies. Just to see Jack Lemmon or Jimmy Stewart or Elizabeth Taylor was really exciting for the home audience. Now between social media and 8 million talk shows, we see a lot of them.” He pointed out that the telecast can still work wonders for smaller films, such as Roma, which had a limited theatrical release and is streaming on Netflix (an Academy first).

Roma is going to get a whole new audience now that it has 10 Oscar nominations,” he said. “Can You Ever Forgive Me? — because of Melissa McCarthy and Richard E. Grant getting nominations, a movie like that could probably double its box office, but for films that are already huge hits, it’s more of a prestige thing to say they’re nominated. Black Panther — everybody’s already seen it.” For Roeper, 2018 was a good year for movies, but he’s frequently impressed with the diverse and strong offerings in the world of cinema. “Nobody ever says it was a bad year for books,” he said with a laugh. “There are so many out there in terms of film, but when I was putting together my 10 best list, there were probably 20 films that were pretty much the equal of my top 10. You have to narrow it down.”


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