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Sam Harris is an American author, neuroscientist, philosopher, blogger, critic of religion and podcast host. He has worked on an array of topics ranging from artificial intelligence, ethics, rationality, free will, neuroscience, meditation, philosophy, politics, Islam and terrorism.

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Sam Harris Neuroscientist | Who is Sam Harris | Sam Harris Biography

Sam Harris (Full name- Samuel Benjamin Harris) is an American author, neuroscientist, philosopher, blogger, critic of religion and podcast host. He was born on April 9, 1967 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Harris has worked on an array of topics ranging from artificial intelligence, ethics, rationality, free will, neuroscience, meditation, philosophy, politics, Islam and terrorism.

Sam Harris Wife Family

Sam Harris’ mother is TV producer Susan Harris, a secular Jew, and his father is actor Berkeley Harris who belongs to a Quaker background. He was raised by his mother after his parents divorced when he was two. He once stated that his upbringing was completely secular and that his parents hardly discussed religion.

Is Sam Harris Married? | Wife | Children

In 2004, Sam Harris got married to editor Annaka Harris. Just like her husband, Annaka Harris is also a writer but one for children’s book. Other than that, she has very little of her background known to the public. Harris and his wife have two daughters, Emma and Violet.

Sam Harris Age | How Old is Sam Harris

Harris was born on 9 April 1967 in Los Angeles, California, United States. In 2009, he received a Ph.D. degree in cognitive neuroscience from the University of California, Los Angeles. Harris is 52 years old as of 2019.

Sam Harris Vegan

Harris was at one point a vegetarian, but gave it up after six years, citing health concerns. He returned to vegetarianism for ethical reasons in 2015 with the intention of eventually going vegan. He also supported the idea of cultured meat. In early 2018, he stopped being a vegetarian once again.

Sam Harris Net Worth

Harris is an American author, neuroscientist, and philosopher who was born in Los Angeles, California in April 1967. He is the co-founder of the non-profit organization Project Reason. Harris has a net worth of $2 million.

Harris’ Photo

Sam Harris Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion.

Harris is mindful and skeptic in this book and offers a contemporary addition to this lineage of human inquiry. It is an extraordinary and ambitious masterwork of such integration between science and spirituality which Harris himself describes as “by turns a seeker’s memoir, an introduction to the brain, a manual of contemplative instruction, and a philosophical unraveling of what most people consider to be the center of their inner lives.” Or (perhaps most ably) an effort “to pluck the diamond from the dunghill of esoteric religion.”

Sam Harris Free Will

Harris says the concept of free will cannot be delineated on to any conceivable reality and is incoherent. He states that neuroscience reveals humans to be biochemical puppets. That our thoughts and intentions emerge from background causes of which we are unaware and over which we exert no conscious control. He adds,”Every choice we make is made as a result of preceding causes. These choices we make are determined by those causes, and are therefore not really choices at all.”

Sam Harris Morality

In his book The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values (2010), Sam Harris promotes a science of morality and argues that many thinkers have long confused the relationship between morality, facts, and science. He aims to sculpt a third path between secularists who say morality is subjective/relative, and those of religion who say that morality is given by God and the bible.

Harris argues that the only worthwhile moral framework is one where “morally good” things pertain to increasing the “well-being of conscious creatures”. He further states that, ‘moral questions’ will have objectively right and wrong answers which are grounded in empirical facts about what causes people to flourish. Thus, “science can determine human values.”

Sam Harris Abortion | Sam Harris On Abortion

“A three-day-old human embryo is a collection of 150 cells called a blastocyst. There are, for the sake of comparison, more than 100,000 cells in the brain of a fly. The human embryos that are destroyed in stem-cell research do not have brains, or even neurons. Consequently, there is no reason to believe they can suffer their destruction in any way at all.

It is worth remembered, in this context, that when a person’s brain has died, we currently deem it acceptable to harvest his organs (provided he has donated them for this purpose) and bury him in the ground. If it is acceptable to treat a person whose brain has died as something less than a human being, it should be acceptable to treat a blastocyst as such. If you are concerned about suffering in this universe, killing a fly should present you with greater moral difficulties than killing a human blastocyst.

“It has been estimated that 50 percent of all human conceptions end in spontaneous abortion, usually without a woman even realizing that she was pregnant. In fact, 20 percent of all recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage. There is an obvious truth here that cries out for acknowledgment: if God exists, He is the most prolific abortionist of all.”

― Sam Harris, Letter to a Christian Nation

Sam Harris Spirituality Without Religion

Harris rejects the chasm between religious spirituality on the one hand and scientific rationality on the other, and seeks to define a middle path that preserves spirituality and science but does not involve religion. He argues that spirituality should be understood in light of scientific disciplines like neuroscience and psychology.

Sam Harris contends that science can show how to maximize human well-being but may fail to answer certain questions about the nature of being, answers to some of which he says are discoverable directly through our experience. His comprehension of spirituality does not involve a belief in God.

Sam Harris On Trump

“Honestly, thus far, that [the casualty of truth] is the most harmful aspect of his presidency. Just the complete ruination of any standard of honesty in political discourse and it’s astonishing to me. I have not yet accepted that this is even possible, much less actual. I don’t think I’m alone, but I’m continually having the bewildering experience that I just cannot believe that this person is president.”

“It is all focused on this particular aspect of his presidency, where he lies more than any person has ever lied in human history and not only does he get away with it, his supporters seem to delight in his running roughshod over any expectation that a public figure would be honest. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature for them and that’s really disturbing.”

Sam Harris Atheist | Sam Harris On Atheism

Harris, alongside Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and Daniel Dennett,  are described as the atheistic “Four Horsemen of the Non-Apocalypse”, but he rejects the term ‘atheist’. He said, “while I am now one of the public voices of atheism, I never thought of myself as an atheist before being inducted to speak as one… I think that ‘atheist’ is a term that we do not need, in the same way that we don’t need a word for someone who rejects astrology.”

During a podcast discussion with Neil de Grasse Tyson, Harris said, “If astrology ever became ascendant, then we would talk about reason, common sense, and science to neutralize those claims without ever defining ourselves in opposition to astrology. In my first book (‘The End of Faith’), which inducted me into the small club of the ‘new atheists’ I never even used the term ‘atheist’ or ‘atheism’ – and it’s not that I withheld use of that term – it simply never occurred to me to use the term.

…I was just talking about the problems of religion, the opposition between reason and faith, and science and untestable/unverifiable claims. [Atheism] may have its moment historically, it may be necessary to shine a light on the fact that you have by and large the smartest and most educated people in society politically anathematized and marginalized. I don’t do anything to dodge the term because I fit the description but it’s a weak term.”

Sam Harris Books

  • The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason. Release date: 11 August 2004
  • Letter to a Christian Nation. Release date: 19 September 2006
  • The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values. Release date: 5 October 2010
  • Lying. Release date: 2011
  • Free Will. Release date: 6 March 2012
  • Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion. Release date: 9 September 2014
  • Islam and the Future of Tolerance: A Dialogue. By Sam Harris and Nawaz Maajid. Release date: 6 October 2015

Where Does Sam Harris Live

Harris has been unwilling to apprise personal details like where he lives. He cites security concerns.

Sam Harris Email

Sam Harris Quotes

  • “I know of no society in human history that ever suffered because its people became too desirous of evidence in support of their core beliefs.”
  • “Consider it: every person you have ever met, every person will suffer the loss of his friends and family. All are going to lose everything they love in this world. Why would one want to be anything but kind to them in the meantime?”
  • “It is time that we admitted that faith is nothing more than the license religious people give one another to keep believing when reasons fail.”
  • “Religious moderation is the product of secular knowledge and scriptural ignorance.”
  • “A puppet is free as long as he loves his strings.”
  • “You are not controlling the storm, and you are not lost in it. You are the storm.”

Sam Harris Articles

Functional neuroimaging of belief, disbelief, and uncertainty. Annals of Neurology. Harris, S.; Sheth, S. A.; Cohen, M. S. (27 February 2008).

The Neural Correlates of Religious and Nonreligious Belief. Harris, S.; Kaplan, J. T.; Curiel, A.; Bookheimer, S. Y.; Iacoboni, M.; Cohen, M. S. (1 October 2009).

Performance comparison of machine learning algorithms and number of independent components used in fMRI decoding of belief vs. disbelief. Douglas, P. K.; Harris, S.; Yuille, A.; Cohen, M. S. (15 May 2011).

Neural correlates of maintaining one’s political beliefs in the face of counterevidence. Kaplan, Jonas T.; Gimbel, Sarah I.; Harris, Sam (23 December 2016).

Sam Harris Book Recommendations | Sam Harris Reading List

  • The Last Word (public library) by Thomas Nagel
  • The Holy Qur’an (public library
  • Superintelligence (public library) by Nick Bostrom
  • The History of Western Philosophy (public library) by Bertrand Russell
  • Reasons and Persons (public library) by Derek Parfit

Sam Harris Meditation | Guided Meditation | Mindfulness

Meditation Instructions:

  1. Sit comfortably, with your spine erect, either in chair or cross-legged on a cushion.
  2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and feel the points of contact between your body and the chair or floor. Notice the sensations associated with sitting—feelings of pressure, warmth, tingling, vibration, etc.
  3. Gradually become aware of the process of breathing. Pay attention to wherever you feel the breath most clearly—either at the nostrils, or in the rising and falling your abdomen.
  4. Allow your attention to rest in the mere sensation of breathing. (There is no need to control your breath. Just let it come and go naturally.)
  5. Every time your mind wanders in thought, gently return it to the sensation of breathing.
  6. As you focus on the breath, you will notice that other perceptions and sensations continue to appear: sounds, feelings in the body, emotions, etc. Simply notice these phenomena as they emerge in the field of awareness, and then return to the sensation of breathing.
  7. The moment you observe that you have been lost in thought, notice the present thought itself as an object of consciousness. Then return your attention to the breath—or to whatever sounds or sensations arise in the next moment.
  8. Continue in this way until you can merely witness all objects of consciousness—sights, sounds, sensations, emotions, and even thoughts themselves—as they arise and pass away.
  9. Don’t fall.

Sam Harris On Artificial Intelligence

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