Samantha Ponder Bio, Age, Husband, Feet, ESPN, Net Worth, Height

Samantha Ponder (Born: Samantha Sainte-Claire Steele) is an American sportscaster born on December 11, 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the host of Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN.

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Samantha Ponder Biography

Samantha Ponder (Born: Samantha Sainte-Claire Steele) is an American sportscaster born on December 11, 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is the host of Sunday NFL Countdown on ESPN. She was also a reporter/host for ESPN college football and also as a basketball sideline reporter.

Samantha attended Central High School in Phoenix. After high school, she first attended The King’s College in New York City.

Samantha Ponder Age

Samantha Sainte-Claire Steele was born on December 11, 1985 in Phoenix, Arizona. She is 33 years old as of 2018.

Christian Ponder Samantha Ponder | Samantha Ponder Husband

Samantha married then Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Christian Ponder, on December 17, 2012 in Hudson, Wisconsin after a brief courtship. Samantha started appearing on ESPN/ABC broadcasts by her married name on January 1, 2013 on broadcast of the CapitalOne Bowl.

The couple welcomed their first child, a daughter Bowden Sainte-Claire “Scout” in June 2014. They welcomed a second child, a boy, True in June 2017 and a third child, a girl, Price, in July 2018.

Samantha Ponder

Samantha Ponder Career

Ponder transferred to Liberty University after Liberty’s Sr. Sports Producer Bruce Carey offered her a job as sideline reporter for the Liberty Flames sports television network. She left Liberty in 2009 and she worked for Fox Sports Net and Fox College Sports as a sideline reporter for Pac-10 and Big 12 college basketball and football games. ESPN’s Longhorn Network announced on July 7, 2011 that it had hired Ponder as a sideline reporter. Samantha Ponder, along with Kevin Dunn and Lowell Galindo, were the newly created network’s first three talent hires.She relocated to Austin, Texas after accepting her position with the Longhorn Network.

Samantha Ponder ESPN

While she was in New York City, she applied for a hostess job at ESPN Zone. There, she met Ben Keeperman, a college football researcher and manager with ABC Sports Radio and that led to an internship at the network. This in turn led to a researcher-assistant job with ABC-TV on the college football studio show.

She replaced Erin Andrews on College GameDay Saturdays at 10 AM ET on ESPN. She was also co-host of the Saturday 9 AM ET edition on ESPNU. She has also been a regular sideline reporter for ESPN’s Thursday Night College Football with Rece Davis, Jesse Palmer, and David Pollack from August 2012 until 2014.

Samantha Ponder Net Worth

Through her sportscasting career, Ponder has been able to acquire an estimated net worth of $12.2 million.

Samantha Ponder Salary

Ponder reportedly earns around $5 million annually but it is reported that she receives $4.9 million from ESPN.

Samantha Ponder Height | How Tall Is Samantha Ponder

The celebrated sportscaster stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Samantha Ponder Measurements

Ponder’s body measurements are as follows:

  • Weight: 58 Kg
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Waist Size: 25 inch
  • Bra Size: 35 inch
  • Hip Size: 36 inch

Samantha Ponder Twitter

Samantha Ponder Instagram

Samantha Ponder Interview

Updated: Dec 19, 2016

Interviewer: What is it about your job that you appreciate the most?

Samantha Ponder: Most of my life I played with kids that looked nothing like me, had completely different backgrounds and yet we all got along and had this one thing in common. And that’s still what happens when you work in sports broadcasting. And then you get to do some really fun stuff every now and then. Like Kirk Herbstreit and I got to present at the CMAs a couple weeks ago. So we’re sitting there next to Garth Brooks and Dolly Parton and all those people and I’m thinking to myself, like “what in the world how did all of this happen?” That side of it, just the relationship side, blows everything else out of the water.

Interviewer: Why did you want to pursue a career in sports?

Samantha Ponder: It was important to me to stay around sports because that was such a big part of my identity growing up. My dad is a coach. All four of us kids played three sports a year. So it was a way for me to kind of stay connected to my family and my youth and the way I grew up.

Interviewer: What has presented the most significant challenge for you?

Samantha Ponder: The hardest part for me is I just had no clue how many voices I would hear. Like when you’re in high school or even in college there are certain people who you know either like you or don’t like you, but it’s such a small group. I can move on or you confront that person and handle whatever the conflict is and move on from there.

I don’t think I was technically prepared to work in an industry where just thousands of people, they don’t like you because you just rub them the wrong way or they don’t like your eyebrows, random things ― especially as a female ―become so important to complete strangers. As the years go by, I mean I’m in year 12 now so honestly it makes you kind of sad for the people who have such negative opinions because it’s just such a waste. But I think that’s probably the biggest surprise.

Interviewer: Social media has become such a negative forum. How do you handle the onslaught of negativity that never seems to end?

Samantha Ponder: It takes time for sure and I haven’t mastered it by any means, but I think over time the best thing that helped me was advice that I got from my dad: You can’t give the positive comments credence if you’re not gonna give the negative ones. Because we’re all just people, right? And everybody has their opinion and everyone is of equal value. Except if you take that back to its premise, it doesn’t make much sense because you can’t pick and choose which people matter.

To me the most powerful thing has been to not let any of that stick. I think that’s hard, especially when you’re building your career because you’re still kind of wondering how do people perceive me. I know that for me in high school and college I was the sporty outgoing girl and that was kind of my reputation, but when I got into TV I had no idea how I was perceived on national television. Everybody wants to put you in a certain box.

Interviewer: You mentioned being a woman in this world. Just how difficult can it be?

Samantha Ponder: I think I decided really early on, and this is not an absolute truth by any means, but this is what I decided for myself: I wanted to do what I could to look my best (whatever my most beautiful self is) without projecting a sexual self. And that was a huge distinction for me. But for me, I wasn’t going to be posting pictures on the beach or in situations where I would even give someone who was looking for a way to discredit me any extra ammo. I think a lot of that was growing up with brothers and with a dad that was a coach. I just kind of thought from the perspective of, what do people already assume I am ― I’m this 21-year-old blonde girl who showed up on TV out of nowhere.

I still get people all the time ― I had an interaction at “GameDay” this week with a college student just yelling the most absurd, vulgar things. I turn around and I’m like, ‘What do I have to do?’ I am a married mother, there’s no way you have a picture of me in your room. For some people that’s just not possible. I still wanted to do the best I could to avoid as much of it as I could.

Interviewer: How did you navigate your way into television, and how your internship at ESPN helped shape your career.

Samantha Ponder: ABC and ESPN were merging ― I was 18 living in New York City by myself, and I ended up getting an internship doing the college football studio show. At the time it was Craig James, Doug Flutie and John Saunders and so I was kind of their research assistant/intern, and I stayed on for three years. Craig James basically told me like, “Hey, you want to work in this industry, just stick around as long as you can and stay with us, soak it all up.” And so I did.

I basically spent those first three years of college just hanging out with those guys and learning what I could. From there, they helped me make a demo tape on the ABC desk so everything looked super official even though I had no clue what I was doing. Then I sent that out and I got a job, covering sideline for basketball and football at Liberty because all their games were broadcast on (a local) sports network so it was this crazy opportunity to still be in school and have your games air on cable.

And then after doing that for that last year of college, I got a call from an agent who reached out to the dean of communications at Liberty and wanted me to come out to LA and interview at Fox and then I started at Fox before I was even done at school. Now when I say Fox, it was Fox College Sports ― my parents didn’t even have the channel. I think my grandma was the only watching but it was awesome for me.

Interviewer: You have dialed back a bit and are strictly working college football now. How hectic is your daily schedule during the season and why did you make that decision?

Samantha Ponder: I mean the season is insane. I used to go straight from football into basketball. I would do the national championship on Monday night and then I was doing the Tuesday night basketball games. I would fly out first thing on Tuesday, do that until the college season was over and then go straight into the NBA Playoffs.

Once I had my daughter, after that first year I just decided alright, we’re gonna stick to football for now because it’s crazy enough during the fall. I try and take the first flight out Sunday from wherever the game is ― get home Sunday mid-day and then I’m home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and I actually host “College Football Live” from Phoenix on Thursday. Then I take the red eye every Thursday night to wherever “GameDay” is.

I think that’s the thing ― it sounds stupid ― but that’s the thing that is the most difficult for me in this job, especially as a mom, is when you’re going four months out of the year with only five days a week where you’re sleeping it gets to be a little much. Because it’s not like when I get home this is off time. I’m a full-time mom, my husband is in San Francisco and I’m in Phoenix with her. Obviously it’s not anything worth complaining about.

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