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Shiva Rose (Shiva Rose Afshar) is an American actress, blogger, and activist.

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Shiva Rose Biography

Shiva Rose (Shiva Rose Afshar) is an American actress, blogger, and activist.

Shiva Rose Age

Shiva Rose Afshar was born on February 8, 1969 in Santa Monica, California, USA. She is 49 years old as of 2018.

Shiva Rose Family

Shiva was born to Parviz Gharib-Afshar an Iranian television personality and currently has a show on the Persian Broadcasting Company, Tapesh. Her mother, Carol June was an opera singer, and also had a television show in Iran.

Shiva Rose McDermott | Dylan McDermott And Shiva Rose | Shiva Rose Dylan McDermott | Shiva Rose Divorce

Rose married fellow American actor Dylan McDermott in 1995. People confirmed on September 27, 2007 that the couple had separated. Almost eight months after the duo announced they had separated, Dylan filed for divorce from his wife on May 21, 2008. The two peacefully separated as friends, with joint custody of their children. Their divorce was then finalized on January 2, 2009.

Shiva Rose Children

Rose gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Colette Rose McDermott in May 1996. Her second child Charlotte Rose McDermott was born on September 8, 2005.

Shiva Rose

Shiva Rose Career

Shiva past film credits include the 20th Century Fox feature The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest, directed by Mick Jackson and HBO’s original film 61*, directed by Billy Crystal. She also starred in the independent film Black Days and was featured at the 2001 Slamdance Film Festival. Shiva has also appeared in the features Myron’s Movie and Red Roses and Petrol with Malcolm McDowell, and Silent Madness-Hollywood Babylon in which she plays the legendary silent screen star Louise Brooks. She also completed the short film DysEnchanted, where she was playing the role of Snow White, which premiered at Sundance in January 2004.

She starred in the critically acclaimed and award-winning independent film and romantic comedy, David & Layla, which then won Prix du Public at the Amour Film Festival 2007 in Europe. The film was awarded over La Vie en Rose, 2 Days in Paris and Lady Chatterley.

Shiva won the Jury & President’s Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, for her first lead role in a feature film as “Layla” in David & Layla.

It was also Official Selection at 28 International Film Festivals, winning eight awards. It also had a successful roll-out distribution in U.S. major cities from summer 2007 onward, with a Valentine’s Day opening at The Quad in New York in 2008, ending at Sundance Kabuki theater in San Francisco in March 2008. It is now scheduled to be available on DVD at both Netflix and Blockbuster.

Shivas television credits include the Lifetime series “The Division”, “Gideon’s Crossing” and “The Practice” for ABC. She has appeared in CSI: Miami as the recurring character Sonya. She has also appeared as herself on an episode of “The Young and the Restless”.

Shiva has appeared in numerous productions at the Pacific Resident Theater, including roles in The Swan, Eve Ensler’s Necessary Target, and also My Antonia. She has also worked at The Berkshire Theater Festival, The Roundabout Theater in New York and The Mark Taper Forum. Shivas favorite theater credits include: Hennie in Awake and Sing, Therese in Therese *9–Raquin, Joan in Caryl Churchull’s Far Away, and also Antonia in My Antonia.

Shiva Rose Blog

Shiva Rose Products | Shiva Rose Skincare | Shiva Rose Beauty

1. Shiva Rose Glow Face Balm  | Shiva Rose Face Balm |

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It is a hydrating balm with nourishing shea butter & coconut oil that gives a goddess glow.

2. Shiva Rose Face Oil | Shiva Rose Oil

The hand-blended product is toxin free and made with organic oils that reduce inflammation and open the heart chakra.

3. Shiva Rose Deodorant

It is a sensual and exotic blend of sacred sandalwood and heart opening rose.

4. Shiva Rose Body Scrub | Shiva Rose Sea Siren Body Scrub | Shiva Rose Body Butter

It contains Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, macadamia oleo nucum, (Macadamia Nut Oil), Aleurites moluccans (Kukui Nut Oil), Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Rosa Damascena (Rose), Rose Water, and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) Oil.

5. Shiva Rose Eye Cream

It contains calming blue chamomile, rooibos, lavender, pomegranate for nourishment to the delicate areas around eyes. Sacred sandalwood creating new cells, preventing the appearance of fine lines and opening the third eye. Activated by azurite crystals.

6. Shiva Rose Pearl Milk Cleanser

It has a combination of organic coconut oil, calendula, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and witch hazel mixed with pearl powder & hyaluronic acid make this a luminizing elixir for the skin.

Shiva Rose Accounts

Shiva Rose Twitter


Shiva Rose Instagram

Shiva Rose Talks On Boundless Confidence

Shiva Rose Interview


The Moment: Hi! Can you introduce yourself?

Shiva Rose: I’m Shiva Rose, we just had a tea ceremony which is an extension of the tea group that I’m a part of, Global Tea Hut. I have a blog called The Local Rose and a skincare line called Shiva Rose. They kind of dance with each other.

This is a tea house that I had put up when I felt the call of tea. I’ve had it maybe a little over a year. It’s a great way to come down and connect to nature and with the tea. The whole idea of tea is to connect us with the plant medicine and the plant world and the earth. That’s what our tea teacher does. He tries to simplify tea so we can really experience nature through it.

The Moment: What are your thoughts on the nature-tea connection?

Shiva Rose: People have been drinking tea for thousands of thousands of years, especially in the East. The tea is like a medicine. Especially the tea that we drink in our group, it isn’t typical tea. It’s called living tea because it hasn’t been altered in any way. It’s the true beauty of the tee trees. It’s an adaptogen. It works on you wherever you need it. That’s the beauty of this tree.

I started practicing tea a few years ago through my sister and our teacher. The teahouse came into being a year and a half ago because I realized tea wasn’t just a temporary situation, it was something I wanted to devote my life to, so I committed to the tea house. 

The Moment: How does this practice play in with other foods you eat and your skincare line?

Shiva Rose: We can all make a difference with our daily life. I feel like people are yearning to make changes and it comes down to changing the way you eat and the products you use. Those things are going to make differences in the world.

Find a farmers market near you, they’re all over the country now, not just in New York or LA. Research where there’s organic produce, research the products and what you’re putting on your skin. There’ s a direct correlation. Now they’re talking about our microbiome in our stomach is similar to the microbiome on our skin. Women my age do so many peels and lasers and scrubs. They’re taking away the microbiome of the skin. I’ve intuitively always felt like that wasn’t a good idea and now they’re finding out that it’s true. It’s like destroying your gut. Stripping away all of the good bacteria. I think it’s crucial that a lot of my products are ayurvedic, rooted in auyerveda, and a lot of the things I eat are rooted in that. It’s all about feeding the microbiome.

The Moment: How can we learn more about tea ceremonies?

Shiva Rose: I would go to or Living Tea. Those two sites are good resources. It’s basically a meditation, just being in the moment and clearing your mind to be present with the water and the fire and the leaf and the person and the incense. It’s about being in the moment and it reveals itself as you do it.

The Moment: We’d love to hear about your intrigue for roses.

Shiva Rose: I was named after my grandmother Rose. She instilled the love of roses in me when I was young. She knew them all by name and grew them and she would wear roses. I got acquainted that way. Being half Iranian, I grew up in Iran where roses are a big part of the culture. They have rosewater in the deserts and the foods and cookies. A lot of the houses used to be built around rose gardens. It’s been a part of my life. When I started practicing Kundalini, the idea came for a skincare line and I’d already been making rose face oil for myself, so I thought that would be the start. It all came that way.

Shiva Rose: The Local Rose I started earlier when I had gotten divorced 8 years ago. I was going through a hard time with the divorce and health stuff and raising my daughters and I just wanted to get back to the earth, so I started to transition away from acting because acting wasn’t fulfilling for me. I just started to heal myself. I started growing my own food and eliminating all chemicals and toxins… just sort of doing a big spring cleaning. I started the blog to document that. This was before the wellness movement really took off, it was 7 or 8 years ago. It’s funny, I remember taking meetings in New York with branding people and they told me, “It’s too hippie! It’s too granola!” And now of course I feel so excited because the world’s waking up and now it’s the trend so now I have to go even further. Now I have to feature something like Yoni Eggs.

The Moment: Tell us about those!

Shiva Rose: Yoni eggs are really magical because they’re an ancient Chinese tradition. Concubines used to use them in China to learn how to pleasure the emperor, but they also did it because they learned it gave them certain attributes and power. By putting in a gem, in your yoni, which is your sacred space, they realized you’re using that space to activate your power and your desires and sexuality. We realize now it has so many other benefits too. It can help with hormones or balance your moods. There are exercises you do so that’s a whole rabbit hole I’ve been going down. But like I said, you have to go deeper and deeper. Sometimes I think, “Oh my god, how are we going to go deeper than this!” But there’s always deeper.

The Moment: How do you learn about these things?

Shiva Rose: I seek them out. It’s funny, I did an article for Goop on Yoni eggs and I had backlash from conservative doctors who said yoni eggs cause toxic shock which is not true because no one in 5,000 years has ever gotten toxic shock from a yoni egg. They get them from tampons that are not organic and made with horrible fibers. I had all of these incredible women reach out to me and I got to meet some Yoni experts. There’s always a silver lining to every cloud. 

The Moment: You talked about wanting to heal yourself from that divorce and getting out the toxins. Did you have a lot of inspiration or resources to pull from?

Shiva Rose: Not really. I was diagnosed with autoimmune conditions when I was 26, so I always learned to research. Those days, it was before the internet, so I would have to go to Santa Monica Homeopathic pharmacy and I would just have to read books and try to find things that work or would help. It was a rough road. Now people are very lucky because the information is all out there. When I was diagnosed at 26, there was no information. Now I know it was my diet and past trauma. Now I can see what it was. It’s inspiring to see a shift in consciousness now.

The Moment: What’s a typical day in the life?

Shiva Rose: I get up early and I practice a small Kundalini set and I make my tea. Then I get my daughter ready for school and the animals fed and then I’ll start working. If I have more time, I’ll do a full Kundalini set or take a walk in the canyons or make a full breakfast. But if I’m on the run, it’s a smoothie, tea, chia seed pudding, or something like that.

The Moment: Do you exercise beyond Kundalini?

Shiva Rose: It’s hard to fit everything in. Kundalini’s more meditation. I enjoy hiking in the canyon with my dog, so I’ll try to do that a couple times a week, even if it’s short. It’s so grounding and I get my best ideas when I’m out there in nature.

The Moment: Why do you think that is?

Shiva Rose: We are away from all the harmful electro magnetic energies like phones and computers, which we rely on. But just being quiet you can hear your unconscious become conscious I guess. Being grounded and surrounded by the plants and energy of the trees is wonderful too.

The Moment: You mentioned that you started growing your own food. Do you still do that?

Shiva Rose: Yes! I grow kale and carrots and beets and herbs and things like that. I love to cook with the foods that I grow or food from the farmers market.


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