Teri Hatcher Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Career And Net Worth.

Teri Hatcher is an American actress, voice actress, writer, singer, YouTuber, and former National Football League cheerleader.

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Teri Hatcher Biography

Teri Hatcher is an American actress, voice actress, writer, singer, YouTuber, and former National Football League cheerleader.

She is famously known for her role on as Lois Lane in the T.V. series, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman of 1993–1997, as Paris Carver in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies, and as Susan Mayer on the television series Desperate Housewives. In Desperate Housewives, she won the Golden Globe Award for the Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, and a Primetime Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Teri Hatcher Age | Teri Hatcher Birthday | Teri Hatcher Date Of Birth

Teri Hatcher was born on December 8, 1964. She is aged 54 years as of 2018.

Teri Hatcher Family

Teri Hatcher (born Teri Lynn Hatcher) was born in Palo Alto, California, and grew up in Sunnyvale. She is the only child of Esther (a computer programmer who worked for Lockheed Martin) and Owen Walker Hatcher, Jr., a nuclear physicist and electrical engineer. Owen Walker is of English, Welsh, and Irish descent while her mother, Esther, is of half Syrian and half Czech and Irish ancestry.


She went to Mango Junior High (now called Sunnyvale Middle School), Sunnyvale, then De Anza College in Cupertino, where she studied mathematics and engineering.

Teri Hatcher Husband | Married | Personal life

Hatcher was married to Marcus Leithold, of Butler, Pennsylvania on June 4, 1988, then they divorced the following year. She then married an actor Jon Tenney On May 27, 1994, had a child but again divorced in March 2003.


She has a daughter that she bore with Leithold, Emerson Rose (born on November 10, 1997)

a of Daxam.

Teri Hatcher Cheerleader

She was the former NFL cheerleader.

Teri Hatcher Smallville

Harcher is known for her role as Lois Lane in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, along with Dean Cain who played Clark Kent/Superman. Prior to her appearance in Smallville, archive footage of her from Lois & Clark were used for the Season 4 DVD feature Being Lois Lane.

Teri Hatcher Career

Hatcher’s career studied when she acted at the American Conservatory Theater. From September 1985 to May 1986 she joined the cast of the TV series The Love Boat, playing the role of “Amy”, one of the “Mermaid” showgirls. From 1986 to 1989, she appeared in the recurring role of “Penny Parker” opposite Richard Dean Anderson’s eponymous hero on the TV series MacGyver. Her next TV series role, in 1991, was in the Norman Lear creation Sunday Dinner.

Hatcher made a much-discussed guest appearance on a 1993 episode of Seinfeld, in which her character, Sidra, breaks up with Jerry. She returned to play Sidra in two subsequent episodes, “The Pilot”, and “The Finale”. Together with Dean Cain at the 45th Primetime Emmy Awards Hatcher landed a starring role in the ABC television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman as the Daily Planet reporter Lois Lane from 1993 to 1997.

At the height of the show’s popularity in 1995, a picture of she wrapped in a Superman cape was reportedly the most downloaded image on the Internet averaging 20,000 downloads each month for a six-month period. “Not so much because it’s me. It’s just cool looking.” Hatcher also co-wrote an episode for season three called “It’s A Small World After All” about a former classmate who shrinks and kidnaps her classmate’s spouses and traps them in a dollhouse.

She won the role of Paris Carver in the 1997 James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. Hatcher was three months pregnant at the filming’s start, by her then husband, Jon Tenney. She was voted the world’s sexiest woman by readers of popular men’s magazine FHM in the same year.

She has also appeared in films such as Spy Kids, Dead in the Water, 2 Days in the Valley, The Cool Surface, and series of Radio Shack television commercials alongside NFL player Howie Long.

Dana Delany, Teri Hatcher, Brenda Strong and Andrea Bowen of Desperate Housewives at the 2009 GLAAD Media Awards As of April 2006, she was one of the highest paid television actresses in the United States.

In 2010, she made a return to the Superman franchise, with a special guest role in the final season of Smallville as Ella Lane, the mother of Erica Durance’s Lois Lane. A report in November 2010 suggested that she, along with co-star Felicity Huffman, would be quitting Desperate Housewives, but ABC denied the claim. TV Guide source, William Keck, revealed that “Something went down” between Hatcher and the cast that caused a split and also observed how Hatcher would physically distance herself from the others during breaks in filming.

On her end, she said to TV Guide that “I will never disclose the true and complicated journey of us all, but I wish everyone on the show well.” Longoria denied any animosity saying to David Letterman, “We all get along.” Remarkably, a friend of Longoria’s revealed, to another media source, that Hatcher “Excluded herself from the rest of the cast from day one”, and that she chose to end it all on a sad note, saying that “Doing the last press they will ever do for the show, the ladies stood united and were shocked when Teri simply didn’t show up”.

In 2016, Hatcher had a recurring role as Charlotte, a successful single mother who becomes Oscar’s love interest in the second season of the comedy series The Odd Couple and in 2018, she introduced a YouTube channel calling Hatching Change.

Teri Hatcher Net Worth

Teri Hatcher has an estimated net worth of $50 million dollars.

Teri Hatcher Pictures | Images | Photos

Teri Hatcher


Teri Hatcher Movies And Tv Shows

Title Role Year

Supergirl (TV Show)

  • Nevertheless, She Persisted — 2017
  • Resist — 2017
  • City of Lost Children — 2017

The Odd Couple (TV Show)

  • Conscious Odd Coupling — 2017
  • Batman vs. the Penguin — 2017
  • Should She Stay or Should She Go — 2017
Planes: Fire & Rescue (Movie) Dottie 2014
Planes (Movie) Dottie 2013

Jane by Design (TV Show)

  • The Backup Dress — 2012
  • The Online Date — 2012
  • The Second Chance — 2012

Desperate Housewives (TV Show)

  • Give Me the Blame; Finishing the Hat — 2012
  • Give Me the Blame — 2012
  • Finishing the Hat — 2012

Smallville (TV Show)

  • Abandoned — 2010

Ella Lane 2010

Coraline (Movie) Coraline’s Mother/Other Mother 2009
Resurrecting The Champ (Movie) Andrea Flak 2007

Two and a Half Men (TV Show)

  • I Remember the Coatroom, I Just Don’t Remember You— 2004

Liz 2004

Momentum (Movie) Jordan Ripps 2003
Spy Kids (Movie) Mrs. Gradenko 2001
Fever (Movie) Charlotte Parker 2000

Frasier (TV Show)

  • First, Do No Harm — 1998

Seinfeld (TV Show)

  • Finale — 1998
  • Finale — 1998
  • Highlights of 100 — 1995

See all 4 Episodes Sidra 1995 – 1998

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (TV Show)

  • The Family Hour — 1997
  • Toy Story — 1997
  • I’ve Got You Under My Skin — 1997

See all 87 Episodes Lois Lane 1997

Tomorrow Never Dies (Movie)Paris Carver1997
Heaven’s Prisoners (Movie)Claudette Rocque1996
2 Days In The Valley (Movie)Becky Foxx1996
All Tied Up (Movie) Linda 1994
The Cool Surface (Movie) Dani Payson 1994
Brain Smasher… A Love Story (Movie) Samantha Crain 1993
Straight Talk (Movie) Janice 1992

Sunday Dinner (TV Show)

  • Whose House Is It Anyway? — 1991
  • The Write Stuff — 1991
  • In Sickness and in Health — 1991

See all 5 Episodes TT Fagori 1991

Soapdish (Movie) Ariel Maloney 1991

Murphy Brown (TV Show)

  • Fax or Fiction — 1990

Madeline 1990

MacGyver (TV Show)

  • Serenity — 1990
  • Cleo Rocks — 1989
  • The Secret of Parker House — 1988

See all 6 Episodes Penny 1988 – 1990

Quantum Leap (TV Show)

  • Star-crossed — 1989

Donna 1989

Tango And Cash (Movie) Kiki 1989
The Big Picture (Movie) Gretchen 1989

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TV Show)

  • The Outrageous Okona — 1988

Robinson 1988

Night Court (TV Show)

  • Who Was That Masked Man? — 1987

Kitty 1987

Karen’s Song (TV Show)

  • High Noon — 1987
  • Aloha Oe — 1987
  • Heart Attack — 1987

See all 6 Episodes Laura Matthews 1987

The Love Boat (TV Show)

  • The Christmas Cruise — 1986
  • The Christmas Cruise — 1986
  • The Shipshape Cruise — 1986

See all 24 Episodes Amy 1986

Resurrecting The Champ (TV Show) Andrea Flak


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  • Extra — 2011

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Kickin’ It (TV Show)

  • Kickin’ It — 2013


50 Funniest Women Alive (TV Show)  

View From the Bay (TV Show)

  • View From the Bay — 2006


True Hollywood Story (TV Show)

  • The Women of Desperate Housewives — 2005


ET Entertainment Tonight (TV Show)

  • Teri’s ‘Desperate’ Move — 2004



Host (2 Credits)
Title Role Year

The View (TV Show)

  • The View — 2011
  • The View — 2005
  • The View — 2005

2005 – 2011

Saturday Night Live (TV Show)

  • Teri Hatcher; Dave Matthews Band — 1996



Voice (1 Credit)
Title Role Year

Jake and the Never Land Pirates (TV Show)

  • The Golden Dragon; Peter Pan’s 100 Treasures! — 2016
  • Peter Pan’s 100 Treasures! — 2016
  • Pirate Pogo; The Sneaky Snook-off — 2014

See all 10 Episodes Beatrice Le Beak 2014 – 2016


Director (1 Credit)
Title Role Year

Twisted (TV Show)

  • The Son Also Falls — 2014


Panelist (1 Credit)
Title Role Year
QI (TV Show)  


Performer (1 Credit)
Title Role Year

American Idol (TV Show)

  • Idol Gives Back — 2008



Guest (20 Credits)
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The Oprah Winfrey Show (TV Show)

  • Best of Oprah: Aging Beauty Cybill Shepherd, “Dynasty’s” Linda Evans & “Desperate Housewives'” Teri Hatcher — 2010
  • Teri Hatcher’s Desperate Secret: An Exclusive — 2006

2006 – 2010

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (TV Show)

  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show — 2010
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show — 2006
  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show — 2006

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  • Good Morning America — 2010
  • Good Morning America — 2010
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The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien (TV Show)

  • The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien — 2009


The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (TV Show)

  • The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson — 2009


Late Night with Conan O’Brien (TV Show)

  • Late Night With Conan O’Brien — 2009


Rachael Ray (TV Show)

  • Teri Hatcher Is Back! — 2007
  • Teri Hatcher — 2007


The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (TV Show)

  • The Tonight Show With Jay Leno — 2007
  • The Tonight Show With Jay Leno — 2007
  • The Tonight Show With Jay Leno — 2006

See all 9 Episodes  2006 – 2007

Inside the Actors Studio (TV Show)

  • Teri Hatcher — 2006


The Tony Danza Show (TV Show)

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Made in Hollywood (TV Show)

  • Made in Hollywood — 2013


Access Hollywood (TV Show)

  • Access Hollywood — 2013
  • Access Hollywood — 2009
  • Access Hollywood — 2009

2009 – 2013

60th Primetime Emmy Awards (TV Show)  
People’s Choice Awards (TV Show)

TV Guide Close Up (TV Show)

  • Ladies of Wisteria Lane — 2007


Fabulous Life Of… (TV Show)

  • Hollywood’s Hottest Cougars — 2007


Extra (TV Show)

  • 2007 August 06 — 2007


American Idol (TV Show)

  • American Idol — 2007


Screen Actors Guild Awards (TV Show)  
Fashion Rocks (TV Show)  
Desperate Housewives: Secrets & Lies (TV Show)  

Barbara Walters Special (TV Show)

  • 30 Mistakes in 30 Years — 2006


Grammy Awards (TV Show)  
GLAAD Media Awards (TV Show)  
TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV (TV Show)  


Subject (person only) (7 Credits)
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Killer Comebacks (TV Show)

  • Teri Hatcher — 2009


Biography (TV Show)

  • Teri Hatcher — 2009
  • Teri Hatcher — 2009


Celebrity Says (TV Show)

  • Teri Hatcher — 2008


Barbara Walters Special (TV Show)

  • The Ten Most Fascinating People of 2005 — 2005


True Hollywood Story (TV Show)

  • The Women of Desperate Housewives — 2005


TV Guide Close Up (TV Show);.

  • Comeback Kids — 2005


All Access (TV Show)

  • Forever Young — 2005

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